MPU Meeting Tuesday 13th February 2007

64bit Project

Stephen completed the documentation for the project. This project will now be put forwards for closure.

LCFG website

Most of the development work on this project is now complete. We are still lacking support for Solaris and Mac OSX packages. One of the main stumbling blocks is access to the package repositories. We also need metadata to go with the packages. Chris will ask Craig about the possibility of serving /repository from pezenas.

Solaris Improvement Project

We believe that all the necessary header and package list changes have been done to allow moving the Solaris profiles to the subversion tree. Chris will now look at testing the new headers on cherub and phlegethon.

It was noted that the lack of an "install at boot-time only" option for updatepkgs is a contributing reason as to why it is not run automatically daily.

FC5 Upgrade

Stephen is currently in the process of organising the move of the LCFG master service from achilles (fc3) to tobermory (fc5). achilles will continue running with fc3 for the time being as it hosts various non-MPU services. The move will happen on the morning of Saturday 17th February, the downtime will be announced to COs. The services moving are all the lcfg rfedata, lcfg subversion and the defaults files.

FC6 Project

Stephen has begun work on the FC6 project to develop Inf level support.


installbase documentation
Alastair has completed this, the docs are available at InstallContexts. It now needs to be moved out of the "develop" release and made available for fc6.

Old headers
Stephen has done a lot of work on converting source profiles over to using the correct headers in subversion. There are approximately 37 machines still requiring conversion, 16 of these are Solaris and 21 are redhat9.

Support for DICE in vmware
Alastair has done some work to make DICE work inside vmware.

fc3 Inf level
To provide longer-term support for fc3 machines Alastair has done the necessary work for the Inf level to support a simplified fc3 system. This has no local ldap or dns servers, it also does not support nfs. These machines will not be allowed holes in the firewall as there is little security support for fc3.

LCFG meeting
There will be a LCFG community meeting on Thursday 15th in Rm 3303, starting at 2:30pm.

The quarterly time monitoring figures were discussed. One problem noted was that too much is getting put in the "operational" bucket. It was agreed that we would use a new "development" bucket for development work on things which are smaller than a full-scale project.

Personal development
It was agreed that we would all think about ideas for our personal development time.

This Week

Alastair will :

    • Move the installbase header changes to stable
    • Speak to Julian Bradfield
    • Look at LCFG metadata
    • Arrange more space on pezenas for RPMs
    • Sort out openafs kernel module responsibility

Chris will :

    • Look at moving cherub to DICE
    • Look at moving phlegethon to new headers
    • Talk to Services Unit about moving profiles
    • Remove NFS home for Solaris machines
    • Ask Craig about moving /repository to our packages master server
    • LCFG tutorial planning

Stephen will :

    • FC6 project
    • Look into fixing the syslog component
    • Move the LCFG master service from achilles to tobermory

-- StephenQuinney - 16 Feb 2007

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