MPU Meeting 22nd January 2007

64 bit project

The required changes have been made to the buildinstallroot script. Documentation is still required on how to use the headers produced in the first phase of this project. The Inf level headers need some tidying.

LCFG website

The machine hosting, dresden, will be fitted with a fibrechannel card this Thursday so that it can access filespace on the SAN and we can then start storing CD images for each release.

Solaris improvement project

Lots of work has been done on moving the Solaris machines from the old "rfe" headers to the current set, which are stored in subversion. The aim is to replicate, as far as possible, the resources and package lists using "test" profiles for comparison.

Chris attempted to use the new headers to install his test machine cherub. He ran into various problems which he has documented in the wiki at MPUSolarisCurrentIssues. He will work on tackling these problems this week.

The Solaris profiles were first ported to a set of Inf level headers, Stephen will now carry this work through to the DICE level.

It was agreed that we need to find out about authentication and authorization on the Solaris machines and how it fits into the DICE infrastructure.

Stephen raised questions about how dns/resolv.conf is managed on the Solaris machines. He also asked about how the AFS servers should be configured. We're waiting for responses from the Services Unit.

The cron component needs fixing for Solaris, Stephen will deal with this.

FC5 Upgrade

The RPM master service has been move to a temporary home and Alastair is planning to upgrade pezenas to fc5 this week.

There is currently no spare hardware available with redundant disks to which we could transfer the LCFG master service to allow the upgrade to fc5. Alastair will order a new machine, probably an 860.


All the profiles and headers have been fixed so that pxelinux is now the default rather than pxegrub.

Test kernels
George asked if we could create a live header for setting up the test kernels so that he did not need to run his Infrastructure machines on the "develop" release. Stephen will look into it this week.

Transferring machines to self-managed
In the process of trying to kill off the remaining rh9 profiles it was realised that switching machines which had previously been managed to self-managed might result in the automatic removal of all packages, authorization, etc. We need to investigate whether this is a real problem and, if so, come up with a solution.

Mini Mac
Chris checked the Mini Mac in the machine room and discovered it was waiting for manual intervention after some package updates. He has now got Apple remote desktop working with VNC so that this can be dealt with more readily in the future.

LCFG web services
It was agreed that we would use a simple apache authentication system for the LCFG bugzilla and wiki. Anything else, such as using EASE, appears to be quite a lot of effort for not much gain. We need to talk to Neil to ask about how to install and configure twiki.

LCFG headers
Alastair and Stephen are meeting with Kenny this Thursday afternoon in JCMB to discuss the LCFG header structure.

This Week

Chris will:

Alastair will:

  • Upgrade pezenas to fc5
  • Document the installbase context
  • fc6 and 64bit DICE project proposals
  • Talk to Julian
  • Order new kit
  • Chat with Kenny about LCFG headers
  • Look at transferring managed machines to self-managed

Stephen will:

  • Put the FC card into dresden
  • Create a live header for test kernels
  • Move Solaris headers from Inf to DICE
  • Look at fixing the cron component on Solaris
  • fc6 and 64bit DICE project proposals
  • Chat with Kenny about LCFG headers

-- StephenQuinney - 24 Jan 2007

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