MPU Meeting 8th January 2007

64 bit project

This phase of 64 bit support is pretty much done! The installroot has been done. Installs are working. All 64 bit machines have been reinstalled.

Still to be done: Stephen to modify buildinstallroot; a few headers need tidied; The documentation needs to be finished.

The next phase will be to look at DICE-level support, but that'll be (approached as) a new project proposal.

LCFG website

It's now on dresden.

The disk space problem still needs to be sorted out. This week Stephen will add a FibreChannel card to dresden.

Solaris improvement project

Stephen has taken a good look and has mapped out a way for us to get the svn-based headers to generate near-identical profiles to the ones currently in use. Achieving this, and getting the Solaris machines moved to the new headers, would be a major landmark for the project.

The whole MPU is going to devote next week to Solaris as far as it can.

Chris has documented how the Jumpstart-based install mechanism works; he'll add this to the wiki this week.

FC5 upgrade

bugzilla entries
The remaining fc5 upgrade bugzilla entries for MPU have been checked and some have been resolved or tidied. However others remain so we'll need to keep revisiting this action.

LCFG Workshop

We thought it was a great success. Some actions have come out of it:

Create an LCFG-level wiki
Stephen will take a look at this.
Create an LCFG-level Bugzilla
Chris will take a look at what this might involve.
Discuss headers reintegration
Alastair and Stephen will meet Kenny.


Wiki Table Sorting
the problem is still there.

FC5 Flakiness
There is a USB/UPS problem, another related to H323, another related to ip6table, and separate crashing/freezing problems.

USB/UPS problem
There is still no fix for this problem in the kernel.

H323 problem
Alastair's patched kernel (2.6.18-2239) seems to have fixed this one.

Crashing/freezing machines
we now need new reports of this one before we can do more.

Logrotate cleanup
Stephen isn't going to go for a cron-based solution. There are not so many machines affected by the problem so writing a script to identify the affected machines then running the cleanup only on them would be more suitable.

Stable release timing
From now on we'll do it on a Thursday afternoon rather than in the morning. This should lessen the likelihood of student lab sessions being disrupted by package updates triggered by machine reboots.

This Week

Alastair will:

  • Upgrade pezenas to fc5
  • Test and document the installbase context
  • Look at Solaris headers
  • With Stephen, look at putting together project proposals for FC6 and for DICE-level 64 bit FC5.

Stephen will:

  • Finish pxelinux
  • Buildinstallroot for 64 bit
  • Add a FibreChannel card to dresden.
  • New kernel and AFS.
  • With Alastair, look at putting together project proposals for FC6 and for DICE-level 64 bit FC5.

Chris will:

  • Issue a stable release.
  • Document the Jumpstart-based LCFG Solaris install mechanism.
  • Work on internal documentation.
  • Check the health of the Mac mini.
  • Look at how Bugzilla works, with the separate LCFG Bugzilla in mind.

-- ChrisCooke - 08 Jan 2007

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