MPU Meeting 27th November 2006

64 bit project

In terms of project milestones: 6, 7 and 9 have been done. 8 is mostly complete and 10 is being worked on.

This week Alastair will work on a buildinstallroot. A separate one is needed because the RPM database is 64 bit.

Headers have been cleaned up.

LCFG website project

Met with Paul. Have set up a meeting with EUCS to talk about website design. This week will get the website working well enough for the LCFG workshop. The first priority is downloads, then the rest of the content will be tackled.

Stephen will version the packages in the Solaris package lists.

We need some way of submitting packages for OS X and Solaris. Perhaps we'll be able to address this at the LCFG Workshop.

Solaris improvement project

Alastair will go through the existing Solaris headers this week and mark up Solaris issues. Alastair and Stephen will compare Solaris notes next week. Chris will work on jumpstart and installation this week.

FC5 upgrade

New PXE docs
Stephen still needs to do some team-internal documentation for the new PXE code.

rfe component
We think that the Inf unit is the right home for this.

bugzilla entries
Most of the rest of our entries for the fc5 upgrade have now been closed. All MPU members should examine the remaining ones and clear up what they can.


FC5 Flakiness
There's a USB/UPS-related problem and a separate freezing/crashing problem.
USB/UPS problem
This might be sorted by updating the kernel. However Stephen reports that Fedora has confirmed a SATA-related bug in the 2.6.18 kernel (it's affected two recent 2.6.18 kernels) and says that it originates upstream (of Fedora). So we can't use new 2.6.18 kernels at the moment. Stephen will try building an older kernel that fixes the problem.
Crash/freeze problem
Machines are freezing or crashing. It seems to happen more when a machine is being used by a KDE user rather than a gnome user. The crashing seems to follow particular users from machine to machine. Stephen speculates that the kernel's oom killer is responsible. This is a beast which activates when memory is extremely tight and kills processes to make room for the kernel to keep going. Reports suggest that it is far more stupid in its behaviour on FC5 than it was on FC3. It may be killing processes such as slapd. For shared servers we suggest setting ulimit on users; but this isn't suitable for desktop machines. For these we can do little more at the moment than log the problems and look for patterns. Alison has mailed Alastair a list of things which the user support unit plans to log for affected machines. Alastair will review the list and see if he can add to it. We think that proper monitoring of crashes and freezes is a good idea anyway.

2850 serial console
Alastair will take the ticket. The biodbserver 2850 - our only 2850 until recently - suffered from the same problem under FC3. This problem has prompted Alastair to try the serial console technology on a 950 and a 1950.

Julian's ticket
Alastair will take it and talk to Julian.

Subversion protection
It works as expected: MPU members can write to files in the releases directory, but Iain can't.

This Week

Alastair will:

Stephen will:

  • Update the hardware matrix.
  • Work on the LCFG website.

Chris will:

  • Issue the stable release.
  • Upgrade an LCFG server.
  • Work on the Jumpstart Solaris install stuff.
  • Prepare for LISA.

-- ChrisCooke - 27 Nov 2006

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