MPU Meeting 20th November 2006

64 bit project

Alastair did some work on getting the boot component working and is gradually adding back in components. Stephen did not work on this project last week.

LCFG website project

Stephen did quite a bit of work on the LCFG website. The current status can be seen at berwick. A large part of the third milestone has now been completed. It was noted that the Solaris package lists still have lots of wildcards which makes it more difficult to generate the package lists for the website. They have also not been categorised via the use of cpp pragmas.

Solaris improvement project

Chris has been working on this. It was agreed that Alastair and Stephen would have a think about how the current approach could be improved and come up with some ideas for a meeting at some point next week.

FC5 upgrade project

Hardware matrix
Alastair has updated the hardware matrix.

boot/installbase contexts
Alastair still needs to document the new boot and installbase contexts

New PXE docs
Stephen still needs to do some team-internal documentation for the new PXE code.

rfe component
Alastair chatted to George about the rfe component, it appears that it works fine on fc5. We still need to resolve which team holds responsibility for this component.

bugzilla entries
Most of the team bugzilla entries for the fc5 upgrade have now been closed and quite a few more can be closed.

tummy upgrade
Stephen has completed the upgrade of tummy to fc5.

dresden upgrade
Chris has upgraded the diydice server to fc5

Buildtools proposal

Paul agreed that although this project proposal is important that the fc6 project can take precedence if necessary.


Test LCFG install
Alastair tested an LCFG install at home and it worked other than the problem with librsvg2 package which has now been resolved.

inv.manager clean-up
Chris has cleaned up the values for a lot of inv.manager resources. This means that Stephen can now create a script to email units each night with lists of broken profiles. This new working practice will be announced at the next Operational Meeting. It was agreed that the User Support unit should be notified about broken profiles which are self-managed or unallocated in some way.

logrotate scripts
Stephen has not done anything more

LCFG website to dresden
Now that Chris has upgraded dresden to fc5 Stephen will look into putting the test LCFG website onto that machine. Will look to do this next week.

LCFG new package specs
Stephen has added a basic wishlist entry for this project proposal

New hardware - Optiplex 745
Stephen tried the fc6 kernel on the 745. It still has problems detecting the SATA disks

New hardware - Poweredge 1950
Alastair has installed fc5 on the PE1950 machine pasta. The PXE booting did not work. Stephen will add the PCI ID for the ethernet card into the pci_scan package and update the PXE image.

CUPS component
Neil has not done anything on the CUPS component but says that it might well be necessary in the future as local printing is not working on fc5. Neil is happy for Kenny to take a lead on this. There was a question as to whether EUCS wanted the component to manage the client, server or both. It was suggested that Kenny and Neil should talk directly about how to move forwards. Paul was keen for Kenny to create the component inside the LCFG cvs repository.

Subversion protection
Chris has added protection to the releases directory and tested that he still has write access. He is going to ask someone outside of the MPU team to check that they cannot write to the directory.

LCFG workshop talks
Alastair will do a 10 minute introduction, Chris and Stephen will put together a 30 minute talk which Stephen will deliver.

LCFG documentation building
Paul asked about the (currently broken) generation of the LCFG documentation. Stephen has now completed the extraction of component documentation on the website which could be utilised to drive these scripts. We need to schedule some time to get the LCFG manual/guide building again. Paul will then be able to look into updating some of the docs.

This Week

Alastair will:

Stephen will:

  • Work on the 64bit project
  • Update the PXE notes on the hardware matrix
  • Do the weekly testing/stable releases
  • Update pci_scan for the PE1950

Chris is on holiday this week

-- StephenQuinney - 21 Nov 2006

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