(Just minutes from the previous meeting at the moment)

MPU Meeting 6th November 2006

64 bit project

Stephen has reviewed all the LCFG level headers. The PAM and AFS headers are now 64 bit friendly. He is now going to go through list of rpms that are added via headers to check that they are all of the correct arch. He is trying to create an appropriate PAM configuration for the "inf" LCFG instantiation.

Alastair has installed another 64 bit LCFG machine so that he can work on testing the boot component etc.

LCFG website project

Stephen reported that most of the first 2 stages are now complete.

Solaris improvement project

Chris reported that he has made a branch in the repository for working on the Solaris headers; this is proving to be much clearer to work on. It was agreed that it would be useful for Stephen to "review" what alterations Chris has made so far and discuss merging changes with the live core. (Action: Stephen/Chris)

We are meeting with EPCC on Tuesday 7th to discuss LCFG in EPCC, and hopefully some degree of collaboration in the Solaris improvement project.

FC5 upgrade project

Alastair has been working on the Fibre Channel headers/code/documentation for FC5

Stephen has spent a lot of time on porting the PXE code to FC5, and improving it in general. He is now documenting. The end result is an RPM which can be installed on PXE servers.


Install CD images
Chris has now scripted the building, retention and rotation of install CD images for releases. We now have a CD for the latest testing release and each of the 10 most recent stable releases. Chris will now publish the new home for the install CDs and empty the old linux team directory. (Action: Chris)

Chris has discussed SSL with Neil. Profiles are now being offered using SSL (for laptops and through firewalls). Chris needs to look at basic auth. (Action: Chris)

Paul had attemped a DIY DICE install and had found some problems with broken triggers. Alastair will try an install at home to see if the problem lies at the LCFG level. (Action: Alastair)

Reduce number of broken profiles
Stephen reported that we are now down to 30ish broken profiles. These are mostly Redhat9 machines - Chris has emailed COs about these. Stephen is producing a script to produce a page (on the LCFG server) showing a list of machines with broken profiles and their errors. (Action: Stephen)

Inventory fields
Stephen and Sheila have discussed inventory fields (for self-managed machines). He has shown Sheila how to add new models (rfe validate/models) etc.

Spanning map of broken profiles
Paul reported that the lastest LCFG server now produces a spanning map of machines with broken profiles. This map could be used by a script to email out a list of broken machines.(Action: ??)

inv.manager fields
It was agreed that it would be good to get the inv.manager fields up-to-date so that the relevant managers are emailed about broken profiles.(Action: ??)

New hardware - Optiplex 745
Stephen has been trying FC5 on the latest Dell Optiplex 745, with little success. There is a later kernel that could be tried.

New hardware - Poweredge 860/1950
Alastair reported that a Poweredge 860 (core-funded) and Poweredge 1950 (Nigel Topham's) have been ordered. It is hoped that FC5 will run on these with no problems.

Hardware support matrix
We need to update the hardware support matrix. (Action: ??)

FC5 upgrades progress
Progress on upgrading servers to FC5 has been slow. It is not immediately obvious why this is the case. We really don't want the upgrades to slip much into next year, particularly for machines with firewall holes. Alastair will discuss with unit managers. (Action: Alastair)

FC6 has shipped. It doesn't appear to be dramatically different from FC5. As FC7 isn't due for another 6 months, it is likely that FC6 will be our next platform.

Spanning map behaviour
Paul reported that he has added a new switch to the LCFG server to change spanning map behaviour such that machines aren't removed if their profiles break. We will need to coordinate turning this on so that people can check that the behaviour is as expected. We should raise this at the next operational meeting. (Action: Chris)

Gathering resource change info
Paul is interested in gathering "reasons" why people make configuration changes, and the implications that this has for change management and things like the LCFG release mechanism. He would like a simple mechanism for recording why people have made changes. This could ideally be done at svn submission, perhaps modifying the svn commit template? Paul would like to capture changes to machines as well - this would require work on rfe. Chris will work on this. (Action: Chris)

Next Week

Alastair will:

  • Finish off the FC5 fibre channel work
  • Discuss FC5 server upgrade progress with unit managers
  • Publish the rpmsubmit AFS structure plan for comments
  • Test and document the new boot/install contexts
  • Start the planning of the FC5 upgrades of our servers

Chris will:

  • Meet with Stephen to discuss solaris headers and merging changes back into core
  • More work on lcfg/core on Solaris
  • Look at basic AUTH for LCFG profile publishing
  • testing/stable releases

Stephen will:

  • Document PXE
  • 64 bit project:
    • PAM changes
  • Some work on LCFG web site
  • Kernel for Optiplex 745

-- ChrisCooke - 13 Nov 2006

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