MPU Meeting 16th October 2006

64 bit project

Stages 2, 3 and 4 are complete. Stages 5 and 6 are almost complete.

Alastair has done the mods to the updaterpms component.

LCFG website project

Stage 2 is in progress. Some of the web stuff is now working, although it doesn't look very pretty yet.

Solaris improvement project

No further progress.

Release management project

The project is now closed.

FC5 upgrade project

Alastair will coordinate the assembling of our server upgrade plans, for Neil.

rpmsubmit project

No further progress.

Emulators project

The project proposal for running LCFG/DICE under Parallels should be generalised into LCFG/DICE on emulators. He has installed his home domain's LCFG on an emulator and will use this to identify the factors which need to be addressed. Alastair will update the project proposal accordingly.


Bad profiles
Stephen has found a lot of non-compiling profiles. It seems that some people don't check whether or not a profile has compiled, particularly with inventory-only profiles. A lot of profiles (more than 200) are also using out of date hardware files, e.g. in lcfg/hwbase. He will take these matters to the Ops meeting.
Release version information
Stephen will document what we've done and announce it to COs.
The setup of the LCFG servers is rather baroque and multi-layered, but they still need to be upgraded to FC5, with Apache 2 and SSL but without KX509. Chris will upgrade crisps in two stages:
  1. Upgrade to FC5 and Apache 2 without SSL.
  2. Add SSL, getting help and advice from e.g. Neil.
This should be fine as LCFG-over-SSL only seems to be being used by one or two portables, and crisps doesn't need SSL anyway. Note that we only have a couple of months left to get the servers upgraded.
This has now been excluded from any role in machine configurations. However the directory should not be deleted as it is still relevant to archived releases.
New contexts
The booting and installbase contexts have been tested and somewhat inadvertently released, but still need to be documented (Alastair).
Script the building of install CDs for releases
This has to be done in a separate script or two (Chris). We need to generate an install CD for each testing and stable release. We should keep the install CD for the latest testing release, and a couple of months' worth of install CDs for the stable releases.
Touching headers
we've decided that we're happy after all to touch headers as part of the release process, so no further action is needed there.

Next Week

Alastair will:

  • AFS structure for packages.
  • Document the booting/installbase changes.
  • Document the FC5 work.
  • Continue with the 64bit project.
  • Coordinate the planning of our FC5 upgrades.

Chris will:

  • continue work on moving solaris to "core" headers
  • testing/stable releases
  • look at upgrading crisps to FC5 and apache2

Stephen will:

  • Continue looking at PXE installroot
  • more work on the 64 bit and LCFG web site projects
  • Sort out the defaults package list
  • Do more testing on the logrotate cron job.
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