MPU Meeting 2nd October 2006

64 bit project

64bit updaterpms
Alastair has submitted the new 64bit version of updaterpms to CVS and built on a 64bit machine that has lcfg buildtools and other related tools. He has started work on the required mods to the component. (Action: Alastair)

Alastair has created the 64 bit RPM repository and populated it with the FC5 base and updates RPMs.

Core components
Stephen has built and packaged up the core components (as identified in the 64 bit project plan)

Stephen has reinstalled an FC5 64bit machine, installed the core LCFG and configured to run against DICE infrastructure. He documented this process on our WIKI.

LCFG web project

Stephen has added milestones to the project.

Stephen will now start work on writing the CGI scripts for the website.

Solaris improvement project

Move Solaris machines over to using lcfg/core files
Chris has got his solaris machine working using SVN headers. He will continue to work on this by reviewing changes required to DICE level headers.

OpenSSH on Solaris
Chris is waiting on getting his machine correctly working with SVN headers before attempting this.

Release management project

Closing project
We agreed that as the release management procedures have been in service for a couple of months and we have internally reviewed the documentation that we don't think this project would benefit from external peer review. Chris will ask the Development Meeting to close the project.

FC5 upgrade project

Testing FC5 DIY DICE
Richard had tested a DIY DICE install. This hadn't let him log in at first, but mysteriously started working soon after. Stephen and Paul will try installs on further machines. (Action: Stephen)

Review autolcfg directory
Stephen has emailed COs. It was agreed that Stephen should give notice to COs that we will remove this directory in the first stable release after 16th October (Action: Stephen)

booting/installbase contexts
Alastair has added the "booting" and "installbase" changes to the develop release for wider testing.

rpmsubmit project

No progress since last meeting.


Email COs about gzipping log files
Stephen has now done this.

LCFG /var/lcfg component
Stephen has added ownership of /var/lcfg to the lcfg-client rpm.

Release version information
Stephen and Chris have added release version information into profiles (in inventory resource). Stephen will document and announce to COs. (Action: Stephen)

LCFG compiler improvements
Paul reminded folk to vote for their favourite LCFG compiler improvements.

Project plans
we agreed that project plans should state which milestones they expect to have achieved by the next development meeting.

Staff development
we agreed that individuals should only be working on a max of 2 projects at a time and that staff development tasks should be treated as projects with a presentation and/or report as the end-product. Aiming for 20% of time allocated to staff development.

Next Week

Alastair will:

  • Email Chris his apache2 config for LCFG profile serving
  • Complete 64bit mods to updaterpms component
  • AFS structure for packages
  • Look at parallels project proposal
  • Work on LCFG header metadata

Chris will:

  • continue work on moving solaris to "core" headers
  • testing/stable releases
  • look at upgrading crisps to FC5 and apache2

Stephen will:

  • Continue looking at PXE installroot
  • document and announce the release version information on the WIKI
  • more work on the 64 bit and LCFG web site projects

For discussion next meeting

-- AlastairScobie - 03 Oct 2006

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