MPU Meeting 25th September 2006

Proposal for enhancing Solaris support
Chris has now done this and the project proposal was taken to the last development meeting.

installbase profile
Alastair had spent some time thinking about this and it was discussed some more in the meeting. It probably could be done with contexts instead but that could make the rpm list files unmanageable. The question was raised as to whether it could be done with a new updaterpms flag. It was agreed that the current solution is not perfect but will have to remain for the foreseeable future as improvements could involve quite a lot of work. The situation is much better now that the bulk of the profile has been moved into the headers.

64bit updaterpms
Coding done, needs to be built on a 64bit machine that has lcfg buildtools and other related tools. (Action: Alastair)

64bit project proposal
Alastair and Stephen have had a meeting to work out time estimates and the project has been put to the development group and COs notified on the mailing list.

Closing the release management project
The release procedures have now been scripted and documented by Chris. There was some discussion as to whether we should find someone to review the project documentation, etc., before getting the project closed by the development meeting.

Test FC5 on bottle
This has been done by Chris.

Create live packages branch
Done and announced to Cos, we had our first user today (Toby), it all seemed to work correctly.

logrotate/gzip weirdness
Stephen researched this some more and found that the logrotate script is quite simple so when compress is turned on it only rotates .gz files and ignores them otherwise. Stephen has a script to do a cleanup of the old files that have been left unrotated, needs to be added to a component and a regular cron job scheduled. (Action: Stephen)

Upgrade LCFG test server, crisps, using Apache2
Chris has looked at the necessary headers and apache config files. The apache config file is quite complicated and all the kx509 stuff makes it unclear how to port it all from apache 1.3 to 2.0. Alastair has a working example of an apache 2 configuration he uses at home which is completely separate, he will talk to Chris and help with the configuration of the test LCFG server. (Action: Alastair/Chris)

Move Solaris machines over to using lcfg/core files
No progress. (Action: Chris)

List Solaris components on the wiki
This has been done by Chris, see Solaris components.

Stop the LCFG servers using the old headers
No progress, this is waiting on the move of the Solaris machines to the lcfg/core files. (Action: Stephen)

Testing FC5 DIY DICE
Chris did talk to Alison about this last week but there has been no progress on getting a CSO to do an install test. Chris will chase this up as it is becoming urgent (blocking some stuff for RAT). (Action: Chris)

Talk to Tim about time monitoring categories
Alastair talked to Tim about how they categorised project work. It basically comes down to RAT not currently being involved in much project work. We will continue with our separation of projects into a separate time monitoring category.

OpenSSH on Solaris
Chris spoke to Tim and Simon about this and got lots more details. It turns out that it is already working and packaged for Solaris. the current sticking point is that the Solaris updatepkgs does not seem to be co-operating. Chris will try to get OpenSSH onto his test Solaris machine, cherub.

PXE installroot
Stephen has spent some time this week looking at this and how to improve the scripts that generate the PXE initrd.(Action: Stephen)

Email COs about gzipping log files
Stephen will do this now he understands the logrotate weirdness (Action: Stephen)

Project proposal for DICE/LCFG support under emulators
Alastair looked into this and discovered that there already is a project proposal for LCFG support on Mac parallels. He will look into fleshing this out further.(Action: Alastair)

Review autolcfg directory
Stephen checked and there are still quite a few packages that need transferring to the standard lcfg directory. He will email COs and ask them to finish off the transfer. (Action: Stephen)

Metadata for LCFG headers
Alastair has started work on this and now has a working demo of some headers with xml markup in a comment and a web page generated from this xml. Will bring back to the meeting in 3 weeks to check progress. (Action: Alastair)

Test FC5 on tummy
Not done, will leave for now as it's not urgent. (Action: Stephen)

Fibre channel FC5 support
Bring back later. (Action: Alastair)

This Week

New LCFG contexts
Alastair has added two new contexts - "boot" and "installbase". This will allow the prevention of package installs at boot time and also means we should be able to do away with the ldap install time hacks. This will be moved into production and documented after some more testing. (Action: Alastair)

LCFG /var/lcfg component
Currently the directories in /var/lcfg are not owned by any package and are created on the fly by the client component when it needs them. This prevents setting of an install time context. It was agreed that these would be added to the lcfg-client RPM so they are available early enough. (Action: Stephen)

bugzilla components
bring back next week

Staff development time
Some items have been added to the MPU star gazing list. We need to have a discussion about how and when we will spend this time.

Activities wishlist
This is getting quite long, we must do a regular check and prioritisation. Particularly as current projects get closed off.

FC3 and FC5 wikis
We must extract the useful general stuff in these wikis, merge it all and put it somewhere else. These wikis should really be considered somewhat ephemeral.

LCFG docs
The LCFG manual/guide has become out-of-date and currently the code used to generate the documentation has bitrotted (mostly because it relied on scripts that generated the LCFG website). Paul asked if we thought it was worthwhile continuing with the management of the guide and there was a consensus that it is still very useful. It was decided that we would add a requirement to the new website project that it would extract documentation from the RPMs so it is readily available for inclusion in the guide and also online browsing. Paul will have a look at the rest of the manual and see what can be done to improve the situation. (Action: Stephen/Paul)

Package specifications
An idea was put forward that we should change the line format of the package lists to be more generic. Currently it is very oriented towards specifying RPM packages and is not totally suitable for other systems, such as Solaris or MacOS. The idea would be to create a single library (probably in C) with a perl higher level interface which would do the line parsing and return a struct (or similar) of the useful information about the package (name, version, release, architecture, flags). As we are currently in the situation where updaterpms, rpmcache and the LCFG server all need code changes for their separate package list handling routines we could take this opportunity to make the first steps towards unifying their package list parsing. It was decided that this will have to go on the general wishlist for now.

Next Week

Alastair will:

  • Add categories for time monitoring to the MPU wiki
  • Package the 64bit updaterpms
  • Create a 64bit RPMs repository
  • Design the AFS structure for the rpmsubmit project
  • Look at the LCFG header metadata some more
  • Quick look at LCFG/parallels project

Chris will:

  • DIY DICE FC5 support
  • Prepare to close off the release management project
  • testing/stable releases
  • Move Solaris to the "core" headers
  • Look at switching crisps to FC5 and using apache 2

Stephen will:

  • LCFG website
    • complete the project plan with timescales
    • Add a task of extracting the docs from RPMs
  • Email COs about gzipped log files
  • Email COs about remaining packages in autolcfg
  • PXE initrd building
  • 64bit packages
  • Looking at adding release version to profiles
  • Add /var/lcfg directories to the lcfg-client RPM

-- StephenQuinney - 25 Sep 2006

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