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MPU Meeting 11th September 2006

64 bit work
Alastair and Stephen met and discussed milestones. It now needs time estimates and time lines. They're meeting again at 10am on 12/9/06. (Action: Alastair/Stephen)

Building installroot
Stephen has shipped his changes to allow buildinstallroot to run non-root.

Richard is our new weekly release tester.

Logrotate gzipping
There's a problem with the log rotation - it seems weirdly out of sync with the gzipping. Stephen will leave it for another week to see what happens before mailing COs about it. (Action: Stephen)

Release management project
This will be discussed at the development meeting.

Options headers
Stephen looked at Doxygen but it seemed too heavyweight for just marking the support status of each options header with a view to automatically making the support matrix page. Stephen suggests a block of XML at the end of each header which adds arbitrary tags, and a script which gathers them together and makes the support matrix. This could also be used to tie in tags auto-filled by subversion. Alastair will try this out. (Action: Alastair)

FC5 on servers
  • figgy - done. Needs NIC=tg3 when installed with PXE. Known issue with PXE. Stephen will tackle it sometime. (Action: Stephen)
  • bottle - fell over with the ntpdate fault. (Action: Chris)
  • tummy - not yet. (Action: Stephen)
  • split - done.

Hardware support matrix
this page was being auto-generated so we shouldn't have edited it. Alastair has now documented how it works in the web page's CVS dir.

Upgrading LCFG servers to FC5
KX509 doesn't seem to be required but the apache component will be. Chris will try upgrading crisps, dropping KX509 and using Apache 2. (Action: Chris).

Unified defaults list
The LCFG level list is still complicated to transition. Currently being held back by a duplicate rpms file. We need to stop the LCFG servers from importing and using the old package and header files (Action: Stephen). This can't be done until Solaris machines are moved over to using files in lcfg/core (Action: Chris). We also need a list on the wiki of which components Solaris machines are using (Action: Chris).

Live package lists for testing defaults
Stephen will create and announce a package list in the live branch for people to test component defaults. (Action: Stephen)

Live branch
Chris produced and announced a good practice guide. There wasn't much discussion of it at the Ops meeting but it should at least give some useful guidance when people come to upgrade servers to FC5.

We need to see if it works. Chris will ask a CSO to try it out and see if it installs and works, or not. (Action: Chris).

GX620s SMP
Stephen has made the SMP kernel the default on GX620s.

Time monitoring
We think that for the MPU we should alter the categories as follows:
  • Project meetings should count towards projects, not meetings.
  • Personal development should be a category.
  • We expect Supporting end users to be too small to measure, so we'd like to lump this in with Operational.
  • Each individual project should have its own bucket.
  • we need an Operational bucket to cover the technical maintenance of the status quo - processing RPM updates, supporting new hardware, and so on. Alastair will discuss this with Tim (Action: Alastair).

Staff development time
Feel free to add stuff to MPUStarGazing.

FC5 fibre channel
FC5 no longer requires udev configuration for FC storage targets; udev automatically creates links under /dev/disk for each storage target and these can be used directly in /etc/fstab. Alastair will modify the FC documentation appropriately (Action: Alastair).

OpenSSH on Solaris
The Infrastructure unit has no time to do this just now. For now, we'll just install it straight on to salamander. Alastair thinks that Simon and ?Tim had already pretty much got it working. Chris will speak to them and attempt to install it (Action: Chris).

Managed Releases for FC3
We decided that using the managed releases for FC3 would be a bad idea, for these reasons:
  • We would have to institute a weekly testing regime for FC3 alongside the FC5 one. We don't have the time.
  • A sudden appearance of managed releases on FC3 would cause trouble with servers: when faced simultaneously with many suddenly stable servers, each using one or more headers which exhibit a week's time delay between change and effect, most COs would simply join a mass stampede to the develop release, abandoning the stability benefits of managed releases and putting their servers out of step with most desktop machines. By contrast, if servers are upgraded one by one to FC5, COs have a chance to reflect on better solutions such as splitting headers between lcfg/core and lcfg/live.
  • FC3 is largely going to disappear over the next few months anyway.

This Week

Alastair will

  • work on updaterpms
  • discuss 64bit project with Stephen
  • design AFS RPM structure
  • will look at markup for LCFG headers

Chris will

  • issue a testing and stable release
  • put the solaris enhancement project through the dev meeting
  • upgrade crisps, using Apache 2
  • work on getting the Solaris machines to use lcfg/core.
  • test bottle under FC5
  • put a list of Solaris components on the wiki.

Stephen will

  • discuss 64 bit project with Alastair and work on it.
  • syslog
  • do the live package list.
  • email COs about gzip logrototate
  • LCFG web site.

-- ChrisCooke - 11 Sep 2006

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