MPU Meeting 4th September 2006

64 bit updaterpms
Alastair has shipped the hacky version of 64 bit updaterpms to Stephen to unblock work on the 64 bit project.

Other 64 bit work
Alastair and Stephen will discuss milestones for the 64 bit project at 10am on 5/9/06. (ACTION Alastair/Stephen)

Building installroot
Stephen reported that it would require changes to rdxprof (at least) to allow buildinstallroot to run non-root. He will ship the changes he has made so far. (ACTION: Stephen)

Alison is keen for the CSOs to take on the work discussed at the last meeting, but not until the CSO team is at full strength. Sarah was working on testing the test releases - Chris will ask Alison if one of the CSOs, preferably KB based, can take this on now. (ACTION: Chris)

Logrotate gzipping
Stephen has prototyped the required changes on some of our components and will push the changes out this week. He will now email the COs. (ACTION: Stephen)

Release management project
Chris and Alastair will discuss how to sign off this project at 11.30am on 5/9/06. (ACTION: Chris/Alastair)

Options headers
Alastair has looked at the support matrix for options headers and has concluded that we really need some form of simple markup (indicating supported platforms etc) in the headers so that the support matrix can be auto-generated. Stephen suggested some simple XML for this. (ACTION: Alastair)

FC5 on servers
Our development servers are listed on our home page. Chris will test FC5 on figgy and bottle (ACTION: Chris), Stephen will test tummy (ACTION: Stephen) and Alastair split (ACTION: Alastair).

Upgrading LCFG servers to FC5
Chris is waiting on some web headers to be ported to FC5 before upgrading crisps. It would be good to use apache 2 for the LCFG servers, but we currently have to use apache 1.3 for KX509 support; Chris will check whether this is still required. (ACTION: Chris)

Unified defaults list
Stephen has started on this. He has completed this for DICE and ED, but the LCFG level list is more complicated to transition.

Live package lists for testing defaults
Stephen will create and announce a package list in the live branch for people to test component defaults. (ACTION: Stephen)

Live branch
we discussed the live branch. We would prefer that people put configuration data which requires speedy shipping (such as vhost configuration, network data etc) into header files under the live branch than put the data into individual machine profiles. We should produce guidelines on this before units transition their servers to FC5. Chris will produce a proposal for good practice and take it to the operations meeting for discussion. (ACTION: Chris)

CEG have ruled that our unit is responsible for DIY DICE and DICE headers. So we will need to check FC5 DIY DICE. Strictly speaking we should probably check DIY DICE for each new testing release, but pragmatically we do not have the effort to do this at the moment. (ACTION: Chris/Stephen).

Solaris project
Chris and Alastair have met to discuss the solaris enhancement project.

Chris has installed the MacMini and configured it against DICE LDAP and Kerberos.

GX620s SMP
Stephen will make the SMP kernel the default on GX620s so that we can make use of the dual-cores. (ACTION: Stephen)

Time monitoring
Alastair explained that CEG wishes units to gather coarse-grained effort figures. Tim has already started this for Teaching and Research. Alastair will email round the categories that RAT are using - we will want to add some "buckets" of our own (for further discussion by email). (ACTION: Alastair).

Staff development time
Alastair explained that CEG wish us to spend around 20% of our time on staff development. This is to keep our technical skills up-to-date and for us to keep abreast of technologies in our area; ie being proactive rather than reactive. Given the large percentage of time, we want to keep this largely focused - the unit meetings are probably the best forum for discussing who looks at what. Alastair has created a topic called MPUStarGazing for us to record what areas we think we should be investigating.

FC5 fibre channel
Alastair has built, tested and shipped the QLogic FC drivers under FC5. FC5 no longer requires udev configuration for FC storage targets; udev automatically creates links under /dev/disk for each storage target and these can be used directly in /etc/fstab. Alastair will modify the FC documentation appropriately (ACTION: Alastair)

FC5 multiple ethernets
under FC5, there is now no predictable mapping between physical ethernet interfaces and interface names. One now needs to hardwire a physical interface to an interface name using the MAC address. Alastair has enhanced the lcfg-network component to allow this, and provided documentation on the WIKI.

This Week

Alastair will

  • design AFS RPM structure
  • discuss 64bit project with Stephen
  • discuss closure of release project with Chris
  • will take a quick look at markup for LCFG headers
  • update FC documentation
  • produce new DICE kernel and document the process
  • test split under FC5

Chris will

  • issue a testing and stable release
  • discuss closure of release project with Alastair
  • find out whether we really need KX509 support for LCFG servers
  • flesh out solaris enhancement project
  • test figgy and bottle under FC5

Stephen will

  • discuss 64 bit project with Alastair
  • kill of auto LCFG directory
  • meet with Paul to discuss LCFG distribution project
  • continue work on the rpmcache component (incl new package naming scheme)
  • email COs about gzip logrototate
  • create unified package lists for component default RPMs (???)

For next week's meeting

  • bugzilla components
  • staff development time
  • syslog
  • documentation from FC3/FC5 wikis
  • Problems with solaris using old headers and package lists

-- AlastairScobie - 05 Sep 2006

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