MPU Meeting 29th August 2006

Oh dear, this is a bit long. Sorry folks

64 bit updaterpms
Alastair has produced a version of updaterpms with 64 bit support. Having to continue supporting architecture wildcards has made the code very hacky. Removing this functionality would make the code much cleaner - the proposal is that a missing architecture field in an RPM spec will imply that the RPM is of the current base architecture and that "noarch" RPMs will now require explicitly tagged as "/noarch". He will reimplement along these lines, but meanwhile will ship his hacky version to unblock other 64-bit work. (ACTION: Alastair)

Other 64 bit work
Alastair and Stephen need to discuss milestones for the 64 bit project. (ACTION: Alastair/Stephen)

Building installroot
Stephen has been working on modifying buildinstallroot so that it can build installroots for platforms other than that on which the code is being run, and also so that it doesn't require running as "root". He is continuing to work on this. (ACTION: Stephen)

PXE root
Stephen has started looking at this, but it had been stalled on the new DICE kernel entering the stable release.

There a number of tasks that we reckon we could ask CSOs to perform. Alastair will discuss with Alison. (ACTION: Alastair)
  • Testing releases (already being done)
  • When porting DICE to new linux platforms, assisting with testing the various hardware types and testing various options headers

Disk partitioning problems
Alastair has modified lcfg-hackparts to cope better with corrupt disk labels. He is currently testing this and will ship when happy.

Logrotate gzipping
Stephen will email COs about modifying their components' logrotate code to gzip log files. He will also look at modifying some of our components (eg updaterpms, syslog). (ACTION: Stephen)

Release management project
We consider that this project can now be signed off. Alastair and Chris will discuss how we take this forward. We want to do this for the September meeting. (ACTION: Chris/Alastair)

FC5 project
  • There are still some options headers which require checked under FC5 and the support matrix suitably updated. Alastair will have a quick look through the list and identify which ones are our responsibility. (ACTION: Alastair).
  • We should keep one instance of all bulk-purchased models for us to verify new platforms on, but we can't do this for the variety of models purchased by research grants.
  • We now need to start looking at checking FC5 on server hardware. Alastair will identify our units development servers (ACTION: Alastair)

LCFG distribution
Stephen has been working on building up the LCFG www site. He is leaving the "pretty" bits to last smile Milestones will need added to the project plan for the Septemember development meeting.

Alastair has discussed the AFS repository with Craig and added a plan and milestones to the project plan. Unfortunately illness has meant that he hasn't met the miletones so they will need updated. The next thing to do is to decide on the tree structure for the repository. Stephen suggested that it would be useful if the new structure could be usable by yum.

Chris and Alastair are meeting this week to discuss the Solaris enhancement project.

DICE/LCFG under emulators
Alastair will write up a project proposal for DICE/LCFG support under emulators and add to the unit's project list. (ACTION: Alastair)

Caching "group" and "release" values
Stephen suggested that it would be useful if the LCFG server could cache the "group" and "release" values so that if a machine's compilation files, these values are still set to valid values. Stephen will suggest to Paul. (ACTION: Stephen)

Upgrading LCFG servers to FC5
We need to start upgrading the LCFG servers to FC5.
  • Chris will upgrade the test LCFG server (crisps) first. (ACTION: Chris)
  • Stephen will create a unified package lists for component defaults RPMs (ACTION: Stephen)

Moving and to DIY DICE server (dresden)
headers, etc, are currently exported from achilles. As achilles is such a critical server, we would prefer not to have it visible beyond the firewall so the LCFG export functionality should move to a less important server. We agreed that the DIY DICE server (dresden) would be a good choice. Stephen will move this functionality once Chris has upgraded dresden to FC5. (ACTION: Stephen)

Removing FC5 auto build directory
Stephen will have a look through auto build directory and identify what still needs moved into the "official" directories. (ACTION: Stephen)

It isn't clear who owns DIY DICE. Although we clearly look after the LCFG service for DIY DICE, we're probably not the most appropriate unit to look after the DIY DICE headers. Alastair will discuss at CEG (ACTION: Alastair)

This Week

Alastair will

  • package the hacky version of 64 bit updaterpms
  • identify our development servers
  • look at FC5 option headers
  • discuss Solaris project with Chris
  • test the lcfg-hackparts fix and hopefully ship
  • design AFS RPM structure
  • discuss 64bit project with Stephen
  • take DIYDICE ownership to CEG
  • discuss CSO tasks with Alison

Chris will

  • issue a testing and stable release
  • install the mac mini with DICE authentication/directory services
  • flesh out solaris enhancement project
  • upgrade crisps to FC5

Stephen will

  • create unified package lists for component default RPMs
  • mail COs about gzipping component log files
  • continue work on the LCFG web site
  • discuss 64 bit project with Alastair

For next week's meeting

  • bugzilla components
  • staff development time
  • time monitoring
  • FC5 fibre channel and udev
  • FC5 issue with multiple ethernet interfaces

-- AlastairScobie - 30 Aug 2006

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