MPU Meeting 26th June 2006

When, how often and where we will have MPU meetings

On reflection, Alastair has concluded that a 9am Monday meeting is not feasible every week. Once he has returned from holidays we will meet fortnightly at 9am with the in-between week at KB at some time to be agreed. While Alastair is on holiday (3, 10, 17 July) we will meet in Paul's office, 2BP-3L03.

Fleshing out project proposals

We agreed that the following projects should have fleshed out project proposals :-

  • LCFG distribution (ACTION: Stephen)
  • LCFG buildtools (ACTION: Stephen)
  • Enhancing solaris support (ACTION: Chris)
  • RPM submission system - simple version (ACTION: Alastair)

We won't bother fleshing out project proposals for existing projects (release management, FC5, 64bit); instead we'll point to any relevant project documentation (Alastair has done this).

Existing bugs/enhancements

Alastair will flesh out his bugs/enhancements and somehow publish them in a form for other COs to vote as to their priority; he will then dedicate some chunk of time to work on those deemed most useful. (ACTION: Alastair)

We agreed that we should review the bugzilla bugs/enhancements for specific topics (Linux, Solaris, LCFG and everything else) on a bimonthly basis. Before the meeting, the responsible person would hoover, review priorities and print before the meeting. Chris will produce searchable bugzilla links and put in our wiki. (ACTION: Chris)


We agreed that Solaris will continue to be an important platform and that it should be of the same quality as the Linux platform wrt to configuration/installation/package management etc.

-- AlastairScobie - 26 Jun 2006
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