Harpsichord - KVM details

  • Dell PowerEdge R740
  • 2 x 12-core 3.0GHz Xeon
  • 256GB memory.
  • at KB.
  • harpsichordpool1 is on 2TB of local SAS disks.
  • Wires: 42, 64, 93, 160, 216 (default)
  • Get a live list of VMs with rvirsh harpsichord list --all
  • Not for student projects (see amarela).
  • Sacrificial is whether or not it'd be OK for the MPU to delete it in an emergency (for example, loss of the Forum server room) without asking you first.

Guest Unit Role Memory (MB) Disk (GB) Sacrificial Notes
aegean MPU wake.inf 4096 18 No? live user service
afsdbvmkb Services KB AFSDB server 1024 20 No live
aldebaran MPU PXE/NFS install server 16384 100 No test, doesn't need migrating, can be shutdown
avila MPU DR test LCFG slave 16384 70 Yes test. 2 CPUs.
ayuda MPU staging server for computing.help 4096 20 Yes test
brent MPU Computing help test server 2048 15 Yes test
descartes Infrastructure RADIUS 4096 40 No live; shut down instead of suspending or migrating
dripped Services DR copy of web.inf 4096 60 No DR machine
engadine RAT RT test and development 16384 60 Yes test; 2 CPUs
engadine-rtdata extra disk 40
engadine-rtdump extra disk 80
hibbert Infrastructure cosign/ifriend backup 2048 20 No not in service ifriend slave and unofficial cosign replacement
hutter Infrastructure LDAP lightweight slave 2048 20 No live
ikiw Services wiki.inf mirror 2048 25 No DR copy of wiki.inf
isaac Infrastructure test 2048 20 Yes test
laprud Services test 2048 20 Yes test
mole MPU DIY DICE server diydice.inf 2048 20 No live
nescd3 Services SL7 research.nesc.ac.uk 4096 30 No live web
parley Services SL7 governance.tas.ac.uk wordpress 4096 40 No live
polecat MPU inf-level lcfg server 4096 20 Yes Just for weekly testing
rantertoo Services alternative Informatics jabber server 4096 20 Yes Occasional stand-in for jabber.inf
shrew MPU SL7 PkgForge builder 16384 80 No live for computing staff; 2 CPUs
southgate RAT Exam backup 2048 150 No live
Total     115712 988    
out of       2399    
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