Clavichord - KVM details

  • Dell PowerEdge R740
  • 2 x 12-core 3.0GHz Xeon
  • 256GB memory.
  • at KB.
  • clavichordpool1 is on 2TB of local SAS disks.
  • Wires: 42, 64, 93, 160, 216 (default)
  • Get a live list of VMs with rvirsh clavichord list --all
  • Not for student projects (see amarela).
  • Sacrificial is whether or not it'd be OK for the MPU to delete it in an emergency (for example, loss of the Forum server room) without asking you first.

Guest Unit Role Memory (MB) Disk (GB) Sacrificial Notes
adpurl Services webtest.inf version of web.inf 2048 30 yes test
auxilium MPU Chris's development copy of 4096 20 yes development
badger MPU SL7 pkgforge builder 16384 80 yes computing staff live service, 2 CPUs
bakersfield USU Alison's test server 4096 20 yes test
chub Services Lab Booking Server 4096 20 ? live
cockfosters Infrastructure sl7 2048 20 yes test
dammers Infrastructure sixkts/kx509 2048 20 no live
envat Infrastructure Serves AT environment pages 4096 30 live
forteviotvb3 USU Alison's test VM 2048 20 yes test
ivon Infrastructure test prometheus 2048 20 yes test
jornets MPU
4096 64 no live service to the LCFG community
kcofe RAT Iain test machine 768 80 yes test
lagun MPU 4096 30 NO! live user service
lardup Services Drupal test VM dtest1.inf from innovation week! 4096 30 yes test
mizar MPU test xrdp 8192 100 yes test
mouse MPU Inf-level SL7 machine for package tests 4096 20 yes Weekly release testing
oakwood Infrastructure test 2048 20 yes test
otter MPU web sites (SL7) 4096 15 no live web server
lcfgwebdata2 otter's extra disk 90
patter Services 4096 50 no live web server
rabbit MPU SL7 test ssh server 2048 40 no test server, could promote to live service in emergency
sirius MPU Offsite emergency ssh server 4096 42 no test server, could promote to live service in emergency
vendramin MPU 4096 20 no live service for LCFG users
vole MPU LCFG test server 4096 30 yes live service for computing staff
wallace Infrastructure "external" nameserver 4096 40 no live; shut down instead of suspending or migrating
Total     97024 951    
out of       2399    
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