To allow automatic updates of distro packages specified in options headers it is important to use the correct profile.packages resource.

Packages from distro/updates bucket
add the earliest available version of the package which shipped in the base minor release distro (eg SL7.6) bucket (in os/Packages) or the associated updates bucket (updates/security) to the profile.packages_options resource. MPU will update profile.packages_options resources in headers when upgrading to the next minor release.

Can I just add everything to the profile.packages_options resource?
This might seem like the easiest/quickest approach, (i.e. just have everything in one resource and apply updates, those packages which aren't provided by the distro won't get any updates so there's no conflict). Please do NOT do this. You may well include a package which is added to the distribution at a later date (this does happen and we call them "postship" packages) and then version conflicts will occur. There is a secondary issue which is that MPU will update these package lists at each minor release of a distribution. If there are hundreds of packages in the profile.packages_options which aren't part of the distribution this just means it will take much longer and the risk of mistakes will increase.

Packages from all other buckets
add to the profile.packages resource

How do I know which bucket a package comes from, if I've used yum to install the package (and its dependencies)
use whererpms rpm . Note that this tool must be run on the same architecture and minor release version of the OS (eg SL7.6) as the target LCFG profile.

Can I pin a package to a version from a previous minor release?
The short answer is "no". When a machine switches from one minor release to another the set of package repositories available to updaterpms (updaterpms.rpmpath) is changed. If you really, really need a version of a package from a previous minor release it can be submitted to the world bucket. If you plan to pin back a package version for all DICE machines please talk to MPU first as we need to know that any subsequent updates will not be applied.

-- AlastairScobie - 19 Apr 2012

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