Must Be affordable
Must Be manageable from a variety of platforms and from locations
Must Management must be via a platform agnostic technology
Must Host platform must support VLANs, bonded ethernet, multipath fibre
Must Support Informatics VLANs
Must Be stable
Must Shutdown VMs cleanly on host shutdown
Must Support DICE server guests
Must Timely creation of new guests (max 24 hours)
Must Timely reconfiguration of existing guests (Max ?? hours)
Highly desirable Support live migration
Highly desirable Management from command line
Highly desirable Serial console support from command line
Highly desirable Close to native performance (of what?)
Highly desirable Nagios monitoring of the host platform
Highly desirable Delegated reconfiguration of existing guests
Highly desirable Management interface to be available on a VLAN other than those in use by guest machine
(Highly desirable?) Support suspend and resume to disk
Desirable Potential to integrate console support with existing console infrastructure
Desirable Support cross site replication for failover
Desirable Automatic load balancing
Desirable Direct access to SAN from guest

Comment from gdmr : some thought should be given to the network bandwidth implications of putting machines outside our usual network edge, and whether there are any resultant network charging implications.

Comment from graham : management from command line + serial console support from command line should both be "must"

Comment from iain : must support periodic snapshots

Would want some sort of guarantee from IS that if other units' guests start consuming lots of disk I/O that IS will throttle those guests.

-- AlastairScobie - 04 Nov 2010

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