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Solaris Packages

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Getting Package Information

Some commands to help you get package information on Solaris. These are rough equivalents of the rpm commands that I use every day on Linux.

Linux Purpose Solaris Notes
rpm -qa List all the packages pkginfo  
rpm -qa | grep whatever List all the whatever packages pkginfo | grep whatever  
rpm -q foo Get the version number of an installed package pkginfo -l foo | grep VERSION  
rpm -qi foo Get info about an installed package pkginfo -l foo  
rpm -ql foo List files in an installed package pkgchk -v foo  
rpm -qf /usr/bin/foo Which package is this file in? pkgchk -lp /usr/bin/foo However it doesn't complain if a file
is in two or more clashing packages!
rpm -i /path/to/foo
rpm -U /path/to/foo
Install a package by hand pkgadd -d /path/to/foo  

Packages, Clusters and Metaclusters

Note that Solaris packages are not quite equivalent to RPMs as Solaris also has the concepts of clusters and metaclusters. A cluster is a bundle of packages. A metacluster is a bundle of clusters and packages. Clusters and metaclusters are defined (by Sun) in /var/sadm/system/admin/.clustertoc. A word of warning: clusters can come and go, and their contents can change, even if the OS version stays the same (when a patch is applied? when software is installed? when hardware differs?). Furthermore, even if a cluster's list of constituent packages is changed, the cluster's version number may stay the same as it was before the change.

Solaris Package Companion

This should be worth a look when we think about improving updaterpms/updatepkgs:

The Solaris Package Companion is a small Korn shell script that allows you to ask quite a number of interesting questions about the relationships between Solaris metaclusters, clusters and packages as well as their respective dependencies. Very often, answers to these kinds of questions are essential for the construction of minimized systems as well as more generally for OS golden images.

The goal of the Solaris Package Companion, or SPC for short, is to do all of the hard work so you don't have to. SPC will create a small cache by mining information from the various packaging files and directories to allow you to quickly and easily obtain answers to a variety of questions such as:

  • What clusters or packages are contained in a given metacluster?
  • What packages are contained in a given cluster?
  • What metacluster or cluster contains a given package?
  • On what other packages does a given package or cluster depend?
  • Which packages depend on a given package?
  • … and so on…

-- ChrisCooke - 23 Jan 2007

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