Current Solaris Issues

All known old-to-new-headers conversion problems have been eliminated: the new headers should now be generating Sun profiles very close to the old-headers profiles.

While doing the conversion, the following Solaris problems were spotted:

XXU and buttons n dials
"/etc/init/buttonsXXUnXXUdials-setup not found" message on boot. ("XXU" is a boot component hack which stands in for an underscore character in resource specs where you can't have an underscore. There are others: "XXP" is a Point and "XXD" is a Dash.) Latest: now commented out in the lcfg/defaults/boot_solaris.h header; can be uncommented when XXU has been implemented in the boot component.
Although "shutdown" appears to shut the machine down cleanly, "reboot" just stops "rpcbind" and "syslogd" then kills the machine dead: no other services or components are stopped properly as they are with "shutdown". Latest - perhaps this is a general Solaris problem rather than a local one. The "reboot" command doesn't appear to do much at all before calling "init" to change the run level. Maybe it just isn't a safe command to use when you want running components to be stopped cleanly.
He says Things I know need fixing on Solaris: dns.type -> server; routing; ntp; nut version; .... But then again he also says that it's his unit that needs to do it all smile
It looks like sendmail is not configured correctly (if at all) on phlegethon - George's Solaris box. I noticed this because mail for root is being dumped into /var/mail/root rather than being forwarded. The file /etc/mail/ appears to be a standard one (belonging to the SUNWsndmr package) rather than a DICE version. Cherub is in the same boat. /etc/mail/ doesn't seem to be being managed by any component just now, and it's not installed by the install mechanism either. Latest: Neil has promised to fix this with a port of the mailng component to Solaris; he doesn't know of any current localisation thing on our Suns; and he says that the Sun sends mail with fully qualified addresses only.
dfstab syntax
solved on new Suns, but a problem on current Suns (at least bart, cyclops, elf, ouroboros, phlegethon, salamander) - the nfs export options need to be the kind without brackets. Mailed services-unit on 26/1/07 to get their OK to go ahead and fix this. Latest: nobody seems to mind about this so we'll just delete the problem lines from the headers and/or mark them Linux-only.

-- ChrisCooke - 14 Feb 2007

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