MPU Server Shopping List

The MPU has been thinking about its server needs for 2011. In the following summary, a blank area indicates acceptance of the spec of a "standard server".

Priority Role Quantity CPU Disk Memory
1 LCFG slave servers 2   Must be fast Option to increase to 8GB
2 PkgForge build servers 2 2 Must be fast 16GB
3 LCFG master server 1   Must be RAID/mirrored  

In addition one new disk, probably SATA, will be needed for the hand-me-down replacement RPM cache server.

  • The MPU's top priority for replacement is the two LCFG slave servers. The current two are Dell PowerEdge 860s. They will both be four years old this summer. We need something that will do the compilations more quickly. Normal desktop machines have performed the job significantly more quickly for a couple of years now and even the test IS virtual server manages to do the job faster, so we should not need to buy expensive high end machines for this job. Note that it's important to replace both slaves together and with identical machines: they need to do their profile compilations at exactly the same speed in order to keep the spanning maps in a stable and sensible state. The 860s to be displaced can be redeployed to other tasks currently being performed by older machines.
  • We need a couple of build servers for Package Forge. These will each be running virtual machines and using them to build for multiple platforms so they will need plenty of memory (for running multiple VMs) and a couple of fast CPUs (for all the package building) and fast disk (lots of file writing).
  • Slightly less urgently, we need a replacement for the LCFG master server tobermory. The current machine, a Dell PowerEdge 860, is doing its job capably but is now four years old. Since the LCFG master server hosts crucial master data and is central to the entire DICE computing infrastructure we should replace it with less elderly kit to lessen the chance of a breakdown.
  • The AT package cache server split will be six years old this summer so should be replaced by something younger. One of the current PE 860 LCFG server machines might do well as a replacement, though it may need a little more disk space than it currently has - a new SATA disk would do.

-- ChrisCooke - Feb 2011

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