These links use the full URLs for the MPU's custom bugzilla searches, rather than the tiny versions used on the main ManagedPlatformUnit page.

To edit one of these searches, perform the search then click "edit search".

Bugzilla Products and Components were included in the searches as follows. Note that not every MPU-owned LCFG component has its own Bugzilla component. See also ComponentOwners.

Product Component Search
Actions Infrastructure Group Others
Linux Platform Linux
Software distribution Others
Solaris Platform Solaris
DICE Infrastructure Core-OS Linux
LCFG Infrastructure LCFG
SoftwareRepository Others
DICE Services nothing  
DICE User Support nothing  
Documentation Managed Platforms Unit Others
Environments nothing  
Exported LCFG everything LCFG
LCFG Core and Components Buildtools LCFG
Core Linux
lcfg-amd LCFG
lcfg-apm LCFG
lcfg-auth LCFG
lcfg-authorize LCFG
lcfg-boot LCFG
lcfg-buildinstallroot LCFG
lcfg-client LCFG
lcfg-cron LCFG
lcfg-defetc LCFG
lcfg-divine LCFG
lcfg-etcservices LCFG
lcfg-example LCFG
lcfg-file LCFG
lcfg-fstab LCFG
lcfg-gdm LCFG
lcfg-grub LCFG
lcfg-guide LCFG
lcfg-hackparts LCFG
lcfg-hardware LCFG
lcfg-init LCFG
lcfg-install LCFG
lcfg-inventory LCFG
lcfg-kernel LCFG
lcfg-lcfginit LCFG
lcfg-localhome LCFG
lcfg-logserver LCFG
lcfg-nfs LCFG
lcfg-nsswitch LCFG
lcfg-nsu LCFG
lcfg-om LCFG
lcfg-pam LCFG
lcfg-pcmcia LCFG
lcfg-perlex LCFG
lcfg-ramdisk LCFG
lcfg-rpmaccel LCFG
lcfg-rpmcache LCFG
lcfg-server LCFG
lcfg-skeleton LCFG
lcfg-syslog LCFG
lcfg-tcpwrappers LCFG
lcfg-updaterpms LCFG
lcfg-xfree LCFG
lcfg-xinetd LCFG
Linux Linux
linux-installroot Linux
Misc Others
Solaris Solaris
Linux Platform everything Linux
Teaching Applications nothing  
Teaching Services nothing  
Utilities nothing  

-- ChrisCooke - 27 Jun 2006

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