Managed Platform Unit projects: Current Pending Completed

Current Projects
Redevelop School Equipment inventory show, home-page,blog
Procedures for physical security show home-page brain dump
Consider User Security Training Materials show home
Virtual Desktop Service show, home, blog, final report
Review Security of LCFG Profile Access show, home, blog
Investigate alternative DICE desktop platform show, home, blog
Pending Projects Project Why Devproj entry
  Merge fstab and lvm components internal - lvm use increasing 407
  Evaluate non RHEL based Linux distributions user visible, reluctance to branch from rest of CSE, but should keep aware? postpone until a distro with inbuilt config technology appears 53
  Consider alternative configuration management technologies internal - postpone until a distro with inbuilt config technology appears  
  LCFG documentation technology internal and other Ed schools 55
  Design new LCFG package specification Depends on the LCFG core refactoring project 63
  LCFG component test framework primarily internal (after client refactor) 105
  Latest Fedora port to inf layer Keep up-to-date with technology updates (eg systemd) + possibly end-user 143
  Add a "beginners guide" to the LCFG website external to School 141
  Automated upstream package repository mirroring internal (efficiency) 140
  Allow users to config software for desktops users 236
  Remote hardware management for desktops internal 156
  PkgForge enhancements (incl package signing) internal 245
  Updaterpms validate signed packages security 237
  Rewrite LCFG file component internal 238
  Improve KVM guest migration using centralised storage (eg ceph) internal 275
  Evaluate move of LCFG configuration from svn to git internal + other schools 289
  Write a systemd-networkd component existing network component unlikely to be sufficient for EL7 servers 319
  Rewrite of LCFG network component   390
  Investigate options for replacing Nagios Nagios is becoming ever more closed-source - we need a replacement 315
  LCFG monitoring translator Once we have completed #315 we will need to able to translate LCFG profiles into the necessary monitoring configuration 316
  Log Cabin enhancements alternate web views, ability to hide unimportant entries, ability to flag trusted hosts, user notifications by email/sms 317
  Minimal LCFG support for Python add ability to query LCFG resources from python scripts 318
  Try other sleep states   326
  Sleeping servers Extend sleeping to servers 327
  KVM service enhancements mainly related to making migration easier XXXXXX
  Allow users to choose software for desktops    
Completed projects
  Release management for configurations   10
02/07 - 06/07 Inf FC6 platform   62
08/06 - 03/07 64-bit DICE   5
11/06 - 10/07 Improved LCFG web site   7
09/06 - 11/07 Enhancing the Solaris LCFG platform   9
07/07 - 10/07 LCFG SL5 port   74
11/07 - 04/08 Investigate power management options for DICE desktops/servers   34
01/08 - 12/08 LCFG buildtools rewrite   54
10/08 - 04/09 DICE under emulators   50 Final Report
11/08 - 03/09 Simple server virtualisation possible financial savings (power, capital, space) 61 Final report
04/08 - 11/09 Power Management for DICE Desktops   94 Final report
01/07 - 10/09 Improved package submission system   13 Final report
06/09 - 01/09 TiBS component on behalf of Services unit 122 Final report
05/09 - 02/09 AFS component on behalf of Services unit 2
02/10 - 04/10 Fedora 12 @ inf level LCFG port end user 132 history milestones final report
01/10 - 04/10 Improve server/hardware interaction - firmware upgrades, RAID firmware upgrades, RAID controller monitoring, OMSA, etc. internal (reliability) 134 history milestones final report
01/10 - 09/10 LCFG Linux install redevelopment internal, causing increasing problems 68 history milestones final report
05/10 - 10/10 Fedora 13 LCFG port end user 160 Final report
10/10 - 12/10 Replacement for VMware Server (evaluation) internal (urgent as VMware server moribund) 154 Home Proposal
08/10 - 04/11 Software Build Farm internal (manageability) 115 history milestones final report
04/11 - 07/11 LCFG port to SL6 external 131 history milestones final report
2011 Install scripts for self-managed machines   161 history milestones final report
2011 Wake On LAN   213 history milestones final report
2011 AFS automation Services Unit 135 history milestones final report
09/09 - 04/12 LCFG Server Refactoring Internal 78 history milestones final report
2011/2012 Simple KVM based virtualisation service Internal 202 history milestones final report
2012 Improve server/hardware interaction (phase 2) Internal 171 final report
? Upgrade MPU servers to SL6 Internal 203, finalreport
2013 Increasing Energy Savings from DICE Desktops implement 234
2012/2013 System Security Enhancements internal 224 final report
2012/2013 User accessible reports of where they have logged in from (ideally including logins via weblogin) end-users, security 254 final report
2013 LCFG client code cleanup child of 139 225 final report
2013/2014 Virtualised DICE image - trial students 239 final report, blog capture
2013-2018 Remove obsolete deps for LCFG client LCFG 274 final report
2014/2015 LCFG systemd component LCFG 297 final report, blog capture
2014/2015 LCFG SL7 port (inf level) LCFG 296, final report, blog capture
2015/2016 LCFG SL7 server base port LCFG 356 final report blog capture
2015/2016 LCFG apacheconf improvement LCFG 371 final report blog capture
2015-2017 SL7 server upgrade project - Managed Platform Unit   357 final report
2017 Return to AT - MPU   427 final report
2018 UEFI Support in LCFG LCFG 410 final report
2018 Update LCFG platform to SL7.5 LCFG 458 final report
2015-2018 DTI building design   334 final report
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