Package (RPM) submission system (13)

Period HoursSorted ascending
2008 Q1 0
2008 Q2 0
2008 Q3 0
2008 Q4 0
2007 Q3 10
2009 Q4 10
2007 Q4 17
Total 183 (5 weeks)
2009 Q1 20
2009 Q3 32
2009 Q2 94

Much of the effort expended in 2007 was probably wasted as a result of the project being stalled whilst Alastair was concentrating on the Forum move. In hindsight, it shouldn't have been started until after the move was completed. Hopefully our new project prioritisation procedure will reduce the chances of a similar mistake being made in the future.

A further project will be proposed to enhance the functionality of the package submission technology :-

  • extend to include support for MacOS packages
  • automatically detecting which bucket to use (based on history)
  • allow submitter to add a tag to explain reason for RPM
  • perform simple validation of RPM being submitted (particularly for user-submitted RPMs)

Quite a considerable percentage (say 30%) of the effort was spent on learning about AFS and the perl AFS library (thanks to Simon and Craig for various discussions)

-- AlastairScobie - 18 Nov 2009

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