Inf level FC3

This note describes FC3 support under the "inf" environment. The "inf" environment is a simplified version of the DICE environment. For instance, there are no local ldap or dns servers, also the installed software set is much smaller. There is no NFS support - users must have AFS home directories.

It is important to note that FC3 is no longer being patched, so absolutely no holes should be punched through the firewall to FC3 machines

We intend to support "inf" level FC3 while it is still required for teaching and/or research requirements, but probably no longer than 1/1/2008.

Example source profile

/* jedburgh */

#include <inf/os/fc3.h>
#include <inf/hw/hp_dc7600.h>
#include <live/wire_c.h>

dhclient.mac 00:15:60:99:f0:50

/* Inventory information */

inv.sno                 CZC550254Y
inv.allocated           ascobie
inv.location            JCMB-2422

/* End of file */

The main thing to notice is that the profile uses Inf level OS and hardware headers.

Installation procedures

The normal FC3 install CDs and PXE booting are supported.

Conversion procedure

It should be possible to convert a DICE machine into an INF machine simply by changing the headers. However - this has yet to be tested by MPU.

-- AlastairScobie - 08 Feb 2007

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