Full disk warnings on DICE machines

A small script runs every four hours on DICE machines. By default it warns if the root partition is more than 95% full. The warning is sent to rootmail - check the rootmail mail folder for messages with a subject like hostname short of space in /. Remember to look for these messages regularly.

How to change it or opt out

You can opt a machine out of the checks by putting this at the top of its LCFG file:

You can add additional partitions to the check like this:
/* Check /disk/scratch too. */
!cron.add_diskfull mADD(/disk/scratch)
Change the percentage fullness value above which a warning message will be sent, in this example from 95% to 73%:
/* Change the full disk warning level */
!cron.add_diskfull mSUBST(95,73)

How to find out more

Look in dice/options/full-disk-warning.h or in the diskfull package in the dice subversion repository.
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