List of Managed Platform Activities and TODO list

MPU Meeting Actions

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Action Person Activity type Bring Back (date) Raised (date) Must be done by
Review project list and prioritise All Development Mar, Jul, Nov 20080304  
Review outstanding LCFG bugs All Development Apr, Aug, Dec    
Check our firewall holes All Operational Jun, Dec    
Personal development topics All Operational Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct 20070213  
MPUBackupSummary revise   Operational Jul    
Monthly meet Stephen Stephen/Alastair   1st meet of Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec    
Monthly meet Chris Chris/Alastair   1st meet of Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/Nov    
Automate the backups of ssh servers' pacct data (logstash?)   Development   20130305 2019
Automate the backups of ssh servers' auditd data   Development   20130305 2019
Hourly monitoring of critical issues on ssh servers.   Development      
Someone other than Stephen understand client and document how it works all Operational   20130604  
Make our public source buckets support use by yum   Development   20130924  
Provide a facility which draws together a machine's history from various sources (e.g. BuzzSaw, RT, LCFG, inventory)   Development   20130924  
Disable UDP connections for the PXE nfs service (/etc/nfs.conf - man rpc.nfsd)   Operational   20140122  
Try the hybrid suspend-and-hibernate sleep method   Development Review at next platform refresh FinalProjectReport234  
Use remctl listeners on machines for remote execution e.g. om, shutdowns.   Development   MPunitMeeting20130820  
Write a component to configure cgroups.   Development   MPunitMeeting20131029  
LCFG udev component   Development      
SL7 - review components which start daemons and review component dependencies   Development Next platform refresh - disallow daemons started by component    
SL7 - review journal logging configuration (including do we really want 'info' level systemd logging (would 'notice' be sufficient))   Development     2019
Document how to remove people from fail2ban   Operational   OperationalMeetingActions (12/8/15) 2019
Computing support form - do in drupal   Development   20160119 2019
Have some VMs on the previous release   Development   20160119  
Rename the AMD macro that people use to enable/disable automounter on machines with localhome (needs to be more generic to support AMD and AUTOFS)   Operational At next platform refresh 20160308  
Look more at lm_sensors Chris Development   20160315  
lcfg-systemd component overhaul   Development At next platform refresh 20160825  
Produce a usable systemtap mechanism   Development   20161025  
Document our PAM stack   Operational At next platform refresh    
Produce an pkgsearch (perhaps just a yum web front end)   Development   20150901  
Review how time is managed on KVM guests (with Inf unit) (eg wrt power outages)   Operational?      
Make USB stack more secure including event central logging ( to detect keyboards being interfered with) and disabling USB on support machines and USB devices should not automount - prompt to mount. -   Development     2019
Document how to perform a kernel reversion   Operational      
Multiple network interfaces under KVM (for SL7 guests) - test and document   Operational      
Use a proper capability to allow logins to student machines, rather than relying on ALL - use primary cohort roles   Operational     2019
Access to cron (restricting such that eg apache can't create cron jobs) - get clientreport to list those in /var/spool/cron and warn about those for users no longer around?   Development     2019
Enhance LCFG installer to support DBAN (or some disk wipe functionality) (as won't be able to use DBAN from PXE in future)   Development     2019
Document the purpose of the various LCFG OS headers such as placeholder.h, selfmanaged.h and unallocated.h (for support team)   Operational      
The home page of needs considerable updating   Development      
Produce a nagios check for KVM servers (check libvirt running and kvm guest service running   Development     2019
kvmtool - modify so that have per server config somewhere that kvmtool can lookup (eg current default pool (LCFG #1114)   Development     2019
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