MHR Data Capture

The form should provide a clear definition of what we mean by MHR data and also an explanation of why we are collecting the information. Links to Records Management would be useful.

What information should we collect ?

  • Name of person completing the form
  • Name of person ultimately responsible for the data e.g. PI
  • Brief description of the data
  • Purpose of the data
  • Physical location (desktop/shared filespace/laptop/cloud etc)
  • Backed up (yes/no/don't know)
  • If yes, where and how ?
  • If research data, which grant/group/project is it associated with ?
  • What would be the consequences/risk if the data were lost ? (low/medium/high)
  • What would be the consequences/risk if the data were leaked ? (low/medium/high)
  • What is the retention policy ?
  • What is the format of the data ?
  • Is it recreatable ?
  • Is it shared externally ?

To be decided ?

  • Where will the form live ?
  • How do we get people to complete it ?
  • How do we store the data ? (postgres?)
  • How do we keep the data accurate ?
  • How do we continue to get people to add to it ?
  • What reports do we want from it ?

Useful links

-- AlisonDownie - 10 Dec 2013

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