Load Shedding for UPS replacement works, June-July 2019

As explained in the Forum server room UPS upgrade programme blog article, we need to shed about 20% of the current power load from the Forum server rooms power load during the period Thursday 20th June, 2019 to Monday 22nd July, 2019.

With thanks to everybody who has helped, the following tables show which machines have been powered off for the duration:

Server room IF-B.02

Machine Location Phase Owner
landonia18 - landonia25 GPU rack 0 L2 RAT Unit
escience7 GPU rack 0 L2 RAT Unit
greekie GPU rack 0 L2 RAT Unit
livingstone GPU rack 0 L2 RAT Unit
vfbbs9 Rack 9 L1 RAT Unit
nelson Rack 7 L1 Inf Unit
maytals Rack 5 L2 Inf Unit
rattle Infrastructure rack L2 Inf Unit
hydra Rack 14 L3 i.murray
castor Rack 7 L1 richard
selma Rack 8 L1 richard
bonnybridge Rack 10 L2 srenals
schaffner Rack 10 L2 srenals
dechmont Rack 11 L2 srenals
hynek Rack 11 L2 srenals
moser Rack 2 L1 kheafiel
youyou Rack 2 L1 kheafiel

Self-managed server room IF-B.Z14

Machine Location Phase Owner
nsl200 - nsl209 Rack 5 L3 bgrot
nsl000 - nsl006, nsl008 - nsl018 Rack 6 L3 bgrot
nsl10g0 Rack 6 L3 bgrot
freyja Rack 4 L3 kheafiel
ambrosia Rack 2 L1 kheafiel

Self-managed server room IF-B.01

Machine Location Phase Owner
vili Rack 3 L1 kheafiel
bragi Rack 3 L1 kheafiel
hoenir Rack 3 L1 kheafiel
vico04 Rack 1 L3 hbilen

In addition, the following GPU servers remain powered on, but with their GPUs disabled:

Self-managed server room IF-B.Z14

baldur Rack 7 L3 kheafiel
meili Rack 5 L3 kheafiel
mimir Rack 2 L1 kheafiel

-- IanDurkacz - 18 Jun 2019

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