Making Changes to Multiple LCFG Source Files in an Atomic Manner

You may want to stop profile compilation on the LCFG servers for a short time, so that you can edit a series of source or header files, and all the changes happen in the same server pass. Do this with the rfe lcfgstop command:
  1. If you can, tell the Managed Platforms Unit that you are about to do this.
  2. Type rfe lcfgstop and type a message into the file - for example "Fred is changing foo.h and bar.h" - and save it.
  3. If the LCFG servers are in the middle of compiling profiles, they will finish compiling them. Profile generation will stop a few seconds later. Your message will then appear in the LCFG server logs (/var/lcfg/log/server on each LCFG slave server).
  4. Make your changes as required.
  5. Type rfe lcfgstop a second time. This time simply delete your explanation: empty the file and save it. Profile generation will restart.
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