DICE specific LCFG information

This page is out of date. Please check ManagedPlatformUnit for links to current DICE LCFG information.

Most LCFG documentation is either on the LCFG website or the LCFG wiki. This page is for information that is specific to the Informatics environment which is not worth publishing publically.

The (incomplete) Complete Guide to LCFG is a good reference for most LCFG information.

There is information on the DICE and LCFG Software Guidelines. Although this document is a little old now most of it is still fairly relevant.

Also on headers, AddingOptionsHeaders explains about adding a new options header to configure an optional feature.

DICE LCFG Status Information

DICE LCFG Infrastructure

An old document but it still provides some useful information on the architecture of the DICE LCFG infrastructure - http://www.dice.inf.ed.ac.uk/units/managed_platform/docs/infrastructure.html

Making Changes to Multiple LCFG Source Files in an Atomic Manner

You may want to stop the LCFG servers for a while so that you can edit a series of source or header files and all the changes happen in the same server pass. You can do this with:

rfe lcfgstop

  1. Inform the Managed Platforms Unit that you are about to do this.
  2. Stop profile generation on the LCFG servers. Use "rfe lcfgstop" and put a one-line explanation in the file - for example "Chris editing sitedefs.h and rh9_dice.h". This one-line explanation will go in the LCFG servers' logs.
  3. Edit your source or header files as required.
  4. Start profile generation again. To do this type "rfe lcfgstop" again, this time deleting your explanation - empty the file and save it.

-- StephenQuinney - 05 Oct 2007

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