Latex RPMS


  • Holds the latex classes that are used on DICE. Generally you will only need to update this if you have been asked to update a class file.


  • Holds the definitions for Informatics Related classes. This RPM should be updated if you need to edit information on the Informatics letter class or update an institute logo.

Both of these RPMs are built by the same source RPM and spec file, latex.local.informatics.

Current Latex Versions

As of March 2016 the latest versions are:

  • latex.local.informatics-4.3-2.noarch.rpm
  • latex.local.informatics.defs-2.2-2.noarch.rpm

You can find out which RPMs your system uses by running the following from the command line: rpm -qa |grep latex.local

Updating Informatics Latex Classes

1. First and foremost you must know which RPM is currently installed on your system.

2. Copy and install the Source RPM (there's only one RPM, covering both classes) from /afs/ into your $RPMROOT/SRPMS directory by running rpm-i RPM_NAME.src.rpm

3. Identify whether you need to edit the latex.local.informatics or the latex.local.informatics.defs class

4. Untar the correct file in your $RPMROOT/SOURCES/ directory and edit the requested file. Save your changes and update the tar(.gz) file.

5. Edit the latex.local.informatics.spec file in $RPMROOT/SPECS/ and update the release number and changes section.

6. Build (both) rpms by running: rpmbuild -ba RPM_NAME.spec

7. If your build goes well then test your changes by installing the RPM locally on your system. You can do this as root by running: rpm -U $RPMROOT/RPMS/ARCHITECTURE/RPM_NAME.rpm

8. If the test of your changes goes well then submit your RPM using pkgforge submit -B inf $RPMROOT/SRPMS/RPM_NAME.src.rpm. This will ensure it's built and submitted for both 32 and 64 bit architectures and also SL7, required more often than not. If you only wish to build and deploy for a single architecture, use the pkgforge submit --arch or --platform options.

9. Run om updaterpms run to remove the locally installed RPM.

10. You should then install the RPM the correct way by editing the LCFG profile to include the new RPM: !profile.packages mEXTRA(+RPM_NAME_VERSION/noarch) noting the + prefix ...

11. Test your changes have worked by running om updaterpms run and running a latex test on your file (If it's a change to a letterhead or infthesis then I just run pdflatex on a test file using those classes).

12. If everything goes well then you should update the release by cd'ing to the directory where you have the core packages checked out (e.g. ~/lcfgsvn/core/packages/dice).

13. Run svn update!

14. Edit dice_<osname><version>_env.rpms for all operating systems you have built the RPM on, by matching the version number you gave the RPM. You do not need to update both RPMs if you have only changed one.

15. Commit your changes to SVN.

-- GrahamDutton - 25 March 2016 -- RossArmstrong - 13 Nov 2014 -- RichardBell - 11 Feb 2014 -- JenniferOxley - 15 Mar 2012 -- ScottBarr - 17 May 2011

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