SL7 Lab Exam Environment

Small Project Page for porting the Lab Exam environment to SL7. This project is now effectively complete. See FinalProjectReport367.

Future / Ongoing work:


There's a residual bug affecting creation/mounting of local home directories which affects a small percentage of machines. It does not concern autofs so far as we can tell, but the pam/oddjobd-based setup to which the PCs switch on lockdown.

firewall rules

This should be reviewed following further SL7 iptables development next year. We're using a hack which uses cron to force a reconfiguration of the iptables component on reboot; without this iptables retains its previous configuration on reboot (until the next material configuration change).

lcfg-examlock component

The core script should be revisited when Bug:910 is resolved.

In the future, it would be really good to be able to test this in an automated fashion.

controlling daemons during lockdown

We're using an extended script full of systemd hacks. We should review this once Bug:910 is fixed, allowing LCFG control as documented.

Deterministic boot ordering is very difficult but we seem to be able to control it where it matters.

hardware lockdown rules

CD/DVD burning should be tested.

submit, backup, readonly mounts

Investigate gluster (for future).

header infrastructure

We should make more use of the exam branches to test exam releases ahead of time.

add device mount policy to component

Documented at LabExamsProc#Storage_Device_Policy

display manager control

Done but only by manual killall. Should this be a component action?

custom greeter

Branch exams1115 shows release. We should push this out to all releases following positive feedback from user support.

We'd like to add a few more notifications and checks here as it's very useful to support.

  • a "please wait" greeter while lockdown is in progress
  • check that /home directories are being created?
  • check that own presence is being reported
  • warning if there are any additional mounts / devices
  • firewall test?
  • a single block "check colour" swatch for visual ID

exambackup, examrestore and "presence files"

No action required.

submit and examsubmit

No action required.


No action required.

Feature Tests

Key to status icons: noconfusedyesthumbs up

ready passed Notes Test Procedure
yes yes   Lock Homes / tmp prepared appropriately? sequence OK? greeter? logs? Services stopped?
yes yes   getpapers  
yes yes   exam restore planned (including manual backup) / unplanned (pulling the plug)
yes yes   examsubmit  
yes   n/a for Nov Eclipse / IDEs (including java/ipv6/firewall tests)
yes   n/a for Nov Live exam change  
yes   n/a for Nov Multiple concurrent exams  
yes   n/a for Nov Multiple concurrent mount policies  
yes yes   Firewall outbound checks inbound / outbound / service checks
yes yes   rsyslog apps log ok? server receives them? timing?
yes yes burn test required plugging modes: No-plug / Readonly / Logged. Check keyboard / mouse replug OK. Check CD and DVD access. Check CD burning.
yes yes   Reboot Reboot while locked? Excessive Logs? Reboot with mounting blocked and r/o?
yes yes   Unlock Homes / tmp prepared appropriately? sequence OK? greeter? logs? Services started?
yes yes   Whole Lab Lock/Unlock  
yes yes failure rate so far too high - all have been due to missing homedir bug Stress Test  

-- GrahamDutton - 21 Oct 2015

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