On-line exam procedure - checklist


  • IMPORTANT -- Undergrads are sometimes used in mock exams to invigilate - on no account should they be given the submit role. --rwb

Action Who When
Confirm exam details in Theon: 1 or 2 sittings? Work "pe / rpe / (etc.)" definition? ITO > 1 week before
Identify labs to be locked down and number of machines required. ITO/Support > 1 week before
Confirm dates, times and numbers in RT ticket ITO > 1 week before
Set up file names using set_submit_filenames. (This may already have been done). Support > 1 week before
Check exambackup folders exist for course/paper Support > 1 week before
Confirm media policy with lecturer ITO/Support > 1 week before
Check (reboot / repair / reinstall) lab machines Support > 1 week before
Housekeeping on examreadonly, submit & backup partitions. Tidy out/archive old files. Support > 1 week before
Test lockdown - including USB and ipfilter rules (don't forget exambackup/scripts/preexam-ip-sweep) Support > 1 week before
Confirm exam files are in correct location ITO/Support > 1 week before
Test getpapers Support > 1 week before
Test examsubmit Support > 1 week before
Test examrestore & presence files Support > 1 week before
Check on-line documentation in place Support > 1 week before
Create an exam release; freeze labs to release. Support > 1 week before
Agree times for locking down with ITO ITO/Support > 1 week before
Check invigilators have submit role. ITO/Support > 1 week before
Lecturer/TA run through exam and sign (NOTE: no further changes/moves to be made) Lecturer/TA > 1 week before
Arrange CSO cover for exam day Support > 1 week before
Confirm RAT availability Support > 1 week before
Update ExamDates Support > 1 week before
Display lab closure notices ITO Day before exam
Check lab machines are running normally, no missing mice, etc. Support Day before exam
Labs emptied and doors locked ITO > 1h before exam
Check for attached / inserted media ITO/Support > 1h before exam
Lock-down machines, test a small sample (login, getpapers, submit) Support > 1h before exam
Turn printers off where appropriate Support > 1h before exam
During exam, monitor disk usage, backups, submissions Support During exam
Complete Incident Reports if required Support During exam
Confirm number of submissions match no. of candidates. Investigate discrepancy. ITO/Support After exam
Unlock! Support After exam
Check for forgotten media still plugged in. ITO/Support After exam
Unfreeze profile.release in lab headers. Support End of diet

This checklist is based on the outdated 2015 ExamProcedures checklist.

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