Using the Klewel Presentation Capture System

The Klewel presentation capture system is installed in Forum meeting rooms 4.31 and 4.33. It can only be used when the rooms are combined as one.

Wiring and Layout

The attached diagram shows the current wiring schematic and room layout. This is a temporary arrangement and is likely to be refined in the future (eg. with permanently installed cameras).

Running the Capture System

First you need to get and install the presenter and audience cameras. These can currently be obtained from Mike Lincoln, although we are hoping for better arrangements in the future. Install the cameras on the tripods and switch on.

Using the PC you preview the video streams. From the Start menu select IEI and then Demo. Right click on a channel, select Open, choose Pal-B as video format and click Apply. Then right click on the the channel again and select Start. This should bring up another window showing the video on that channel. You can do this for each channel. In order to preview the VGA stream for slides use the RGP-Pro option from the Start menu. You must close all these applications for previewing prior to starting the video capture.

To start capturing double click on PASCapture on the desktop. On the new window click Start. Capture will run continuously until you exit the window. Captured output will be in the D:\PasOutput directory as a sub-directory with the date/time of capture as the name. You must copy this whole directory onto a USB stick for post-processing.

Processing Captured Output

Follow the steps below to process the captured output and get it onto the web. Below mytestconf should be a short name you have chosen for the presentation.

  ssh symposium
  cd /disk/dbdata/video/confdata
  mkdir mytestconf
  cd mytestconf
  scp -r topcat:/media/CORSAIR/2008* . # this is the captured output put on USB key previously
  cd 2008-06-30_15h40
    audio  meetingCapture.log  slides  video
  cd slides
  # while using old PAScapture.exe need to do this:
  for f in *.jpg; do convert $f `basename $f .jpg`.bmp; done
  rm *.jpg
  # end bit
  cd /opt/klewel
  ./ -v -i mytestconf
  edit: /disk/dbdata/video//confdata/mytestconf/2008-06-30_15h40/info.xml # enter presenter and title

The captured presentation should now be available at:

-- TimColles - 10 Jul 2008

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