KB Fibre Channel

General fabric and switch arrangement

  1. There are two distinct fabrics, each composed of one (only!) QLogic SANbox 5800 switch.
  2. Each switch has 20 2/4/8-Gb/s fibre channel ports to which clients (servers and disc arrays) are connected, and 4 10-Gb/s XPAK switch interlink ports. None of the interlinks are currently used.
  3. For optimal multipath redundancy, each client (i.e. each server and disc array) should be connected to both fabrics.

Port usage

Switch fc0.kb.net Switch fc1.kb.net
Servers and disc arrays (2/4/8-Gbps FC Ports)
Switch/port UsageSorted ascending
fc0/10 alexandria-port1-1
fc0/04 halcyon-port1
fc0/15 icsakbevo-port1
fc0/06 kbevo1a-port1
fc0/07 kbevo1b-port0
fc0/13 kbevo2a-port0
fc0/14 kbevo2b-port1
fc0/09 kelpie-port1
fc0/05 lammasu-port2
fc0/03 nix-port1
fc0/08 northern-port2
fc0/11 nuggle-port1
fc0/12 piccadilly-port21
fc0/02 pyrolisk-port1
fc0/01 satabeast1-controller0host1
fc0/00 satabeast1-controller1host1
Servers and disc arrays (2/4/8-Gbps FC Ports)
Switch/port Usage
fc1/00 alexandria (†)
fc1/01 sphinx (†)
fc1/02 ataboy1 p0
fc1/06 piccadilly (NC)
fc1/07 lammasu p1
fc1/08 unicorn p1
fc1/09 kbevo1a p0
fc1/10 wyvern (†)
fc1/11 sataboy1 p0
fc1/12 satabeast1 c1-p1
fc1/13 satabeast1 c0-p0
fc1/16 northern p1
fc1/17 pyrolisk p1
fc1/18 cockatrice p1
fc1/19 kbevo1b p1

Also see Forum/AT Fibre Channel.


  1. Machines marked with a '†' are currently fitted with a single fibre port only; they cannot be set up for multipathing.
  2. neilb: "Where I've added a port ie p[012], the number is as indicated on the hardware. Note that some hardware is indexed from 0 and others from 1, eg the Dell servers label them port 1 and port 2, but the Evo's and Nexsan boxes label them host 0 and host1."
  3. 'NC' means that the named machine has been cabled to the switch port, but the cable is not currently connected at the machine end. This should only happen if/when a machine has been physically removed for maintenance of some kind.

-- NeilBrown - 23 Sep 2010

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