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A place for me to jot down what I did to get Joomla running on DICE. I've a similar page for PloneNotes and DrupalNotes.

FC5 doesn't ship with any Joomla RPM, so first I downloaded the current 1.5 beta 2 release of Joomla. There is a 1.0.12 version, but there isn't an upgrade path from 1.0.12 to 1.5!

I unpacked the tarball into scunner:/disk/scunner1/joomla/ and symlinked this (by hand) into /var/www/html/, so that works. Php was already enable on the Apache installation, and so browsing to the Joomla page brough up the INSTALL.PHP page, .

I just went through the installation pages selecting:

  • Language - English
  • Pre-install check - needed to turn on display errors
  • License - NOP
  • Database - We're already running mysql for Drupal so did:
[scunner]root: mysqladmin -h -u root -p create joomla
Enter password:
[scunner]root: mysql -h -u root -p
mysql> CREATE USER joomlaadmin@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'seeneil';
mysql> GRANT ALL ON joomla.* TO joomlaadmin@localhost;
The component generates a root passwd.
    • database type - mysql
    • hostname -
    • username - joomlaadmin
    • passwd - seeneil
    • database name - joomla
  • FTP Config - didn't enable
  • Configuration
    • site name - Test Joomla CMS
    • My email address and passwds
    • Installed default sample data
  • Finish - copied the presented php code to /disk/scunner1/joomla/configuration.php (and changed the ownership to apache so that the PHP could it. This does sound entirely safe)

The end of the installation also said to remove installation directory. I just renamed it.

The admin page is and the username is "admin" with the my cms testing password.

The installation wanted some php tweaking, I created /etc/httpd/conf.d/joomla.conf and added the required php directives to there.

-- NeilBrown - 22 Jun 2007

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