Theon ID Deliverable Depends on Notes
1309 Backup and restore configured and tested    
1312 Code review complete    
1311 Documentation and training 1311-*  
1311-a All code commented    
1311-b User apps - usage info    
1311-c Maintainer documentation    
1311-d Procedures domentation    
1311-e API documentation    
1311-f User documentation    
1311-g Training    
1927 Edit from API    
1928 Edit from command line 1927  
1320 Generate LCFG headers    
1310 Live sync of data from existing inventory    
1565 Modify user support form to use API    
1926 Query from API    
1925 Query from command line    
1924 Query from web    
1313 Switch over to new system    
2250 All test suites completed 2250-*  
2250-a Test API /items    
2250-b Test API /macaddrs    
2250-c Test API /vms    
2250-d Test API /orders    
2250-e Test API /aliases    


-- AlastairScobie - 19 May 2017

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