Inventory meeting 030812

Present: ascobie, gdmr, sheila, lmb, gdutton, iainr

Inventory purpose 
   * resource allocation - short term and planning
   * insurance
   * audit
   * machine configuration  (eg allocation -> authorisation)
   * WEEE
Current problems (not exhaustive)
   * can't track self managed machines
   * hostnames can't be reused
   * loads of old LCFG profiles and no mechanism for deleting
   * ordershost too tied to LCFG inventory (which includes above
     old LCFG profiles)
   * overly complicated (2 systems)
   * too much codified -> inflexible
   * doesn't cope with iCrap
   * unclear keying - sno insufficient
   * can't easily extract reports
Current derivation of data :-

serial number
   orders / clientreport
mac address
   LCFG profile / invedit
   clientreport / invedit
   switches (where mac address known) / invedit
   order / clientreport / invedit
   clientreport / invedit

Currently tie a machine to an LCFG profile via mac address. Mac address 
is the only item of data mastered in LCFG profile (though arguably 
hostname, model and os are indirectly mastered in LCFG). If we pull mac 
address out of LCFG and master elsewhere we can make LCFG a "super class" of
a more generic machine class. 

We concluded that history is highly desirable. This would be difficult to provide
using a simple text file solution - we would need to use SQL to store the data, but
this is more work to code. 

A command line interface was deemed to be essential, so invedit (in some form) should
continue. A file edit interface was deemed desirable - this could be achieved by forming 
a composite view pre edit and dismantling post edit. 

We should use an internal key which is not derived from any attributes, though if this
was deemed confusing we could possibly use a key of form "purchase-order:serial-number"

Somehow we must allow for the fact that serial numbers can change - eg HP network
kit when replaced under warranty. 

Must somehow allow for two machines to have same mac address (???), but more importantly
for one machine to have multiple mac addresses.

mac address could be loaded from Dell/HP Select reports very soon after delivery

We shall harvest wireless mac addresses as well as wired. 

In general, where there's more than one of anything associated
with a machine we should record them all.

-- AlastairScobie - 15 Aug 2012

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