How things should work - a brief summary

For detailed information on the inventory mechanism and the various parameters for invedit and invquery, check here

Once the order details have been entered and a profile created, DICE machines will pick up most inventory information (e.g. name, location) provided the correct mac address has been put in it's profile. However, you do need to use invedit to assign the machine to a person.

invedit --host <hostname> --allocated <username>

Provided the DICE machine is switched on, if it is moved, it will update location automatically.

For MDP machines and self-managed machines with a profile, you need to associate the machine name with a serial number and also assign the machine to a person.

invedit --serial <serial_number> --name <hostname> --building <building> --room <room> --allocated <uun> 

For machines that have not been given a hostname, you can associate a serial number with a mac address, person, location. You can also add the OS.

invedit --serial <serial_number> --building <building> --room <room> --allocated <uun> --os Ubuntu

Currently you cannot allocate a DICE machine to 'public'.

If you assign a machine to unallocated, the manager field is also set to 'unallocated'. This isn't always helpful as the machine is probably still managed by support.

invedit sometimes returns 2 results for the same machine. Try looking at 'perth'. The only difference appears to be in the wording of the line about the warranty. -- It is because the machine has 2 db entries due to cross charging.

What we would like to be able to do with the Inventory.

Requirement Reason
Allocate a machine to something other than a UUN Some machines are public
Leave manager set when machine is unallocated  
As part of invquery we would like to query owner  
As part of invquery we would like to query by location  
As part of invquery we would like to query mac address  
Tracking self managed machines is difficult - name cannot be added via command line unless in the dns This needs improved
Make "unknown" a valid location Machines retain last known location when switched off. We cannot put in a null entry
We would like to be able to reuse machine names.  
Make "home" a valid location.  
It would be very helpful to be able to get various bits of info from the inventory (easily) such as kit over 3yrs old (for insurance purposes), number of portables / servers / adminpcs etc. Makes searching simpler
New field in the Orders Database of "order requested by" Makes searching simpler
New field in orders database for purchase type e.g. portable, server, printer, adminpc, software etc. Makes searching simpler
Make both of these fields visible on the School Database.  
Techs would like access To be able to view machine info and run queries.
Support m/cs with multiple MAC addrs properly with ether bonding etc, the concept of primary MAC address is bogus

Please add any anomalies to this table

host What invquery says what profile says what infdb says what ordersdb says explanation
patrol OS not known MDP unallocated no serial number, location or allocated none as yet, now has h/d failure ?B.03
nerang nothing MDP not sure yet - can't find mac no serial number Lost
sonsie it's a Poweredge 650 in 4.10 (Tim's office)       it's not in Tim's office
morlich says nothing self-managed doesn't have a hostname entry is there used to have an LCFG profile with serial number and allocated, but that info has now disappeared
We need to split wadlerg4's identities because of limitations with LCFG spanning This comment appears in 32 machines! I've removed the comment from those machines. Ross
15/9/10 s0562338 Stephen Kyle comment is in 246 entries in database
Server room cluster comment in 327 entries in database
Reception mdp machine comment in 34 entries if searched from within database. From command line only one entry appears.
It would appear that making a machine unallocated and then setting the manager in the same command is flaky!
Or it could be that putting a comment in a machine which has a dodgy/no db entry is a problem.
Machines with 2 entries have some entries updated in both but not others eg draytones.
Owner is automatically set as "Informatics" No option in invedit to change owner.
There is a restriction on the number of characters in the serial number. helter and skelter have too many
seacliffe virtual machine has same mac address as seacliffe beziers and kipper are the same but this will be resolved with a reinstall of beziers
B.126 and B.Z17 Unrecognised location: building (or site) value Appears to be valid room in person Location space@ mac/switch info does not automatically set location for machines online in techs, have to be manually set as room 'B'. Machines in support Z cupboard have been set to AT-5.02
The script that generates the LCFG per machine include files does not remove files when a machine has been renamed or deleted.
Not necessarily an inventory question but how do we keep track of VM machines?
invedit is over restrictive when validating MAC addresses, such that it doesn't accept the MAC addresses of some modern ether cards. Problem might also be elsewhere in system

-- AlisonDownie - 12 Feb 2009

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