Meeting to discuss feed between Theon and new Inventory

Alastair, Graham and Chris - 17/07/15

Tables of potential interest

  • space
    • we noted that there is currently no name field in space_3g -> one either has to infer from '_tag' or from the key 'space'.
  • site
    • do we need really need site information? Perhaps it would be fine to conjoin site and space in form 'site'-'space' (eg IF-5.14).
  • occupy
    • not clear that this would be that useful (though perhaps useful for reports?)
  • person
    • uun
      • really only want one row per uun
      • but a separate staff UUN and student UUN is fine (for one individual)
    • sname
    • cname
    • category
      • don't want HTBN to count as staff
    • end-date
    • deleted upstream
      • feed won't remove person rows if they disappear from Theon - just mark as gone, so that we can report on machines currently allocated to people who have gone - don't just want allocation to be reset to unallocated if someone disappears off feed
    • location
    • email addr (for reporting to use what kit we think they have)
  • research grants
    • not currently in Theon, so will need to master in Inventory for now
  • budgets
    • not currently in Theon

Possible mechanisms for syncfeed

  • programmatic query of a Theon view
    • a view would mean don't need column level permissions set
    • would be a tidy API
  • conduit
    • eg loading a CSV file
    • could rely on triggers to perform merge
    • could already do in the portal (without involving Graham/Tim)
  • foreign data wrappers (FDW)
    • link directly to Theon tables
    • would require column level permissions set (?)
  • theon couplers
    • Graham worried not sufficiently generic

Misc questions

  • where do 5th year students machines go?
    • do they get reallocated / taken off student when student loses seat allocation

-- AlastairScobie - 24 Jul 2015

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