Ignore disposed of kit by default in queries

Carol: Make query default to current kit - not disposed of. Would be good to also be able to search for disposed kit too though. i.e. do a search on either of name, model, WEEE recycling, serial number.

Alastair: Have added a --disposal term for querying.

  • By default, disposed of items will not be displayed
  • If an 'ii' search is requested with a non wild card value for any of --serial, --purchase_order or --item_id , any matching item will be displayed regardless of whether it has been disposed of or not
  • If an 'ii' search is requested with the '--disposed' flag, only kit which has been disposed of will be displayed

Command line aliases

Carol: is it possible to re-order the command e.g

ii query --host --detail longformacus.inf.ed.ac.uk --detail
ii query --host --detail longformacus.inf.ed.ac.uk

for aliases? If you are doing a lot of querying it's easier to set up an alias for the first part.

Alastair: You could do "ii query --detail --host longformacus"

Short form options

Lindsey: ii query -h dunedin

Alastair: 'ii query --h dunedin' is supported

Is it possible to add the location field to a "simple" search

Carol: Is it possible to add the location field to a "simple" search like

ii query --category=desktop --space IF-5%

I imagine if we are searching for all machines on level 5 it's to see who's got what in which office. The --detail gives too much detail for this purpose.

Alastair: Yes, that can be added. But which location? There are two location fields - the location as reported by the network switches and a location that can be set manually. (Note to self - this would require 'with_location' to be added to the REST api). (One approach might be to report manual location if set, otherwise network switch location)


Carol: I don't like the use of the word "space" for location - does it have to be that word?

Alastair: not necessarily. I'm aware that there's inconsistency in that space and location are both used. What do others think? Which is preferable?

Lindsey: location

Carol: location

Jennifer: location

Alastair: 'space' has been completely replaced throughout with 'location'

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