Present George, Stephen, Alison, Iain, Graham, Neil


  • Not aiming for system that can cope with every conceivable eventuality. Want to be as simple as possible


  • Need to cope with multiple serial no.s
    • George - Procurve and QLogic may ship replacement kit with new serial numbers
    • Neil - Dothill kit has had multiple serial numbers - one from Dothill and one from supplier. Need to keep track of both
    • possible solution is to have another table ('alias' ?) (indexed by 'item') which lists other serial numbers associated with the item. Also have a comment field so that can record purpose of alias.

  • Schema model B (macaddr/location linked to 'item') is the preferred model
    • For compound systems, could ignore location of anything which isn't a system 'item'. Probably still worth reporting compound systems where the individual items don't agree on location

  • Consider merging 'item' and 'system' table, using self-referencing to cater for compound systems
    • not sure that this is possible with Perl DBIX
    • what does it gain you?

  • People agreed that VMs don't belong in inventory as they're not real assets. Happy these just being in the 'clientreports' table, ideally with VM host attribute recorded
  • Also agreed that purpose/roles don't belong in inventory
    • liked idea of options headers adding a tag to a list, building up a picture of what a machine provides
    • would then publish this information (how?), perhaps into a table in the inventory - or perhaps somewhere else which pulls data from the inventory to combine with the purpose/roles info

  • Liked idea of little USB dongles in servers to record server rack location

TODO: add "uptime" to clientreport

-- AlastairScobie - 15 Oct 2013

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