Notes from Inventory project "user" meeting 02/10/13


  • need further thought
  • rename as systemtype ?
  • add 'mdp' type
  • a type for WAPs + switches + other managed kit?
    • don't want too many types
    • can already distinguish these using item.category

  • 'junk' for junk kit => have a trigger that setting this to junk sets item.allocated=undef


  • consensual (unanimous?) view is that we need to support hostnames for self managed dynamic kit as CSOs remember kit by hostname, not serial
  • inventory will need to be definitive for "hostnames"
  • possibility that we will derive DNS names from inventory in future (DNSSEC)?


  • need to remember that selfstatic machines (including WAPs/storage arrays etc) need profiles even if we generated their DHCP entries direct from the inventory -
    • for spanning maps - eg ipfilter, nagios


  • stored as FQDN
  • if no domain is specified when specifying hostname when querying or setting values using 'ii'
    • 1st attempt search with ''
    • 2nd attempt search with ''
    • Should have a table which specifies domains to search in, and in what order


  • allow 'home' ?
  • what about locations other than the university that we know are correct ?
    • University locations can be added to Theon - check with Tim/Graham

  • or should we just say "unknown" for anything not in the University and rely on "allocated" ?

Mac addresses

  • Need a way for harvesting mac addresses. Many machines don't display mac addresses on box


  • add 'public' (would use for visitor machines)
  • what about machines allocated to a group - eg support area ?
  • System is allocated -> item.type = dice | selfstatic | ... & item.allocated = valid value
  • System is unallocated -> item.type = dice | selfstatic | ... & item.allocated = UNDEF
  • System is junk -> item.type = junk & item.allocated = UNDEF (by trigger on item.type = junk)


  • Would like to use regexp for hunting by hostname | serial-no
  • Display as simple key/value pairs - nobody wanted prose


  • Need to remember to have 'alias' table that can be used to record various aliases (eg serial nos) for kit (eg for Dothill arrays)
  • Define process for recording cancelled orders

-- AlastairScobie - 15 Oct 2013

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