• Add new server to DNS - there is already a section for the relevant subnet
  • Punch hole through Informatics firewall for this server
    • add hostname of server to iptables.trustedHosts in live/ipfilter.h
  • Copy LCFG profile of existing server in vxrdppool pool
    • Make sure that #define INSTALLING is uncommented

Install base Ubuntu VM

  • Connect to the console of the VM guest following the instructions at XRDPonISVsphere
  • From window menu - Choose Virtual Machine / Removable Devices / CD/DVD Drive 1/ Connect to Disk Image File (iso)
    • choose Other Locations - Computer / isos / ubuntu-20.04.1-live-server-amd64.iso - and open
  • May need to Virtual Machine / Power / Reset Guest
    • Once BIOS started, Hit escape after reset to select Boot Menu
  • Boot from CD-ROM drive option
    • Ubuntu server install should start
      • Sometimes this is a bit flakey and you need to do a few power cycles to get the VM to pick up the CD-ROM image (ugh)
  • Ubuntu install
    • Language = English UK
    • Keyboard Config = English UK
    • Network config
      • Should be DHCP, but can't get that to work - IS appear unable to fix. Will investigate....
      • Select ens192 / Edit IPv4
        • IPv4 method : Manual
          • Subnet:
          • Address: ... IP address given
          • Gateway:
          • Name servers: (for now, might change to Inf DNS)
          • Search domains:
      • No Proxy
    • Use standard package mirror
    • Ignore new installer update
    • Disk partioning
      • Chose "Use an entire disk"
        • Assuming disk is 150GB
          • Default setup will create a 150GB volume group and create a 75GB root partition within that vg.
          • Add additional volumes by selecting 'ubuntu-vg' and choose create logical volume
            • lv-tmp 25G ext4 /tmp
            • lv-afs 25G ext4 /var/cache/afs
            • lv-log 15G ext4 /var/log
            • lv-swap 8G swap
    • Profile setup
      • Set hostname appropriately
      • Username = diceinstall, password = {some password}
      • Note can't set server's name to be FQDN - TODO: might change if DHCP works?
    • SSH setup
      • Install openssh server, but don't import ssh identity
    • Featured Server snaps
      • Choose none
    • Install should now proceed
    • Reboot - should boot off disk
    • should now be able to ssh to the new VM

Convert to LCFG

Enable XRDP service

-- AlastairScobie - 31 Aug 2020

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