Installing Windows 8.1 on Managed Laptops

Preparation of Infrastructure

  • Choose name and create entry in dns file.
  • Machines for AT should be installed on ATMDT.
  • Create lcfg file.
  • Edlan DB Settings are the same as for Win7 desktops except "ou=Laptops," can be added to start of OU path, see INF-SVINDAL.
  • On support MDP, go to Start and enter in search box Active Directory Users and Computers and launch this. Click Action -> Find. Change the drop-down to In: Entire Directory if it's not already selected. In Name box enter INF MDSD Clients, click Find Now button. Open the result, click Members tab, click Add button, click Object Types button, tick Computers, OK. Enter Object name as INF-YOURLAPTOP, click Apply, click OK.

Install Windows 8.1

  • Create Install Media.
  • If brand new out-the-box, a laptop should already have the correct select BIOS password and boot from usb enabled. If installing on an older platform, then manually configure this in BIOS. This will allow the installation to modify BIOS settings to enable TPM (for encryption).
  • Connect to ethernet on appropriate wire - MDT or ATMDT
  • Boot from usb stick.
  • Select “MDSD – Windows 8.1 Clean Build“
  • The usb stick can be removed once the task sequence starts, but doesn't seem to cause conflict leaving it in.
  • If any errors encountered, see Diagnosing Windows 7 & 8 build issues

After Installation

  • Remove boot from usb from BIOS.
  • The C:/ drive may automatically be encrypted shortly after the build process using BitLocker. If this process doesn't kick in, then download 'Encrypt Hard Disk' from the Software Center.
  • Turn off Locations
  • No need to install OpenVPN , as the user cannot run this as administrator. UoE VPN can be connected to via the wireless network menu if required.
  • Install OpenAFS via Auristor
  • When working from home, inform user to ensure UoE DirectAccess is disconnected, as this causes problems - they are unlikely to obtain afs credentials.

Support staff documentation can be found at:

End user documentation can be found at:

Once a laptop or MDP desktop has been decommissioned then remember to delete it from EdLan and also from AD using TaskPad from support MDP UoESD\SD7\ISD\SCE\INF

-- JenniferOxley - 08 Dec 2016

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