Installing Windows 7 on Managed Platform Machines

Preparation of existing machine

  • Save bookmarks and address book to home directory.
  • Check if user has local mail stored on machine.
  • Move any documents saved on Desktop to home directory.
  • Check if user has any extra software.
  • Take note of any mapped shared areas.

Preparation of Infrastructure

  • Choose name and create entry in dns file.
  • Machines in AT should also have an entry in the ipfilter.h file.
  • Create lcfg file as in:
/* delano */


dhclient.mac                    40:a8:f0:a3:e2:ad

dhclient.cluster                 dhcp/all

/* End of file */

Install Windows 7

  • Create Install Media.
  • Set BIOS to allow to boot from usb.
  • Boot from usb stick.
  • Remove usb when Task Sequence starts.

After Installation

  • Remove boot from usb from BIOS.
  • Check and install windows updates.
  • Edit C://ProgramData/Kerberos/kerb5.conf. Replace MY.REALM with INF.ED.AC.UK. You will have to give yourself permission to do this.
  • AFS client v1.7.26 is version currently installed by default.
  • Install Bilocker
  • Import bookmarks and address book from home directory.
  • Install printers - can be done as user but they will need to be shown how.
  • Install any extra software.
  • Change Thunderbird "Sent " folder from Local Mail.
  • Install lookout add on into Thunderbird if required.

Installing Extra Software

Users can install software themselves if it doesn't require a license.

  • For all software:
    • Select start button
    • Select All Programs
    • Select Application Catalog.
    • Select required software.
    • If the software does not require approval press "Install" and the software will download.
  • For Licensed Software
    • If the software requires approval, press "Install". This generates a request to a school contact through Unidesk. (Alison or Lindsey, I think.)
    • When the approval is given then the user should install the software. Approval is per user not per machine so installation can only be done by user.

-- LindseyBrown - 16 May 2012

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