Installing Windows 10 Enterprise via US-Unit's MDT server in Forum.

a) Connect the machine to Forum's DHCP network and boot it up using the US-UNIT's MDT USB pen drive.

b) Change Keyboard Layout to United Kingdom and choose "Run the Deployment Wizard to install a new operating system"

c) On the next screen choose "Deploy Campus Image" and press Next. The installation will begin.

* **WARNING: This is an automated and unattended procedure that will delete all partitions of machine's main hard drive. Make sure no valuable data exist before proceeding.

d) Depending on the type of the storage device, the whole procedure is expected to last 25-60 minutes.

e) Please wait until you are prompted "Operating System Deployment Completed Successfully" and Press Finish. A passwordless Administrator account is created. Now installation is complete. What is installed:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 fully updated.
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Chrome
  • Acrobat Reader DC
  • Cisco AnyConnect Client (University VPN)
  • Auristor (OpenAFS) Client.

Post installation procedure:

a) Access USUNIT-WINDOWS- server (Please ask me for credentials if you are not aware of them already). From us-unit folder copy the file afs registry patch.reg to the desktop and run it. This changes the default cell for OpenAFS to You can delete the file now.

b) Check the copy of Windows is activated. As long as the laptop remains connected to Forum's DHCP wire it should be.

c) Check Device Manager to ensure that all drivers are installed. If not, either leave the machine connected for a few minutes (it might ask for restart at some point) or force driver installation by running Windows updates.

d) Run Windows updates to get the latest Malware update for Windows Defender.

e) Enable BitLocker and save the key to the dedicated folder on USUNIT-WINDOWS- server.

Giving the machine to a user:

a) Create the new user with an easy to remember password but check the box "User must change password at next logon"

b) Don't forget to add the user to 'Administrators' and 'AFS Client Admin' Groups.

c) Open a command prompt and run the command:

 net user administrator /active:no 

This will disable the administrator account (which we can re-enable later to remove user's account and create a new one to re-assign the machine).

d) Log out. Now user can log in with their easy-to-remember password. They will be prompted to change the password straight away. After this step their account will be created and they can start using the machine.

This is still under development. If any bugs or suggestions please let me know.

-- NikolaosDandoulakis - 17 Mar 2020

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