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sound-monitoring door closer
cc/gdutton - Shuts the office door when the ambient noise level gets too high smile Could optionally interface with the window and a supply of used tea bags.
Corridor noise monitor
display mounted on the inside of an office glass wall, facing the corridor, with noise meter in the corridor; measures the current level of noise outside the room, and displays appropriate messages reflecting the consequent annoyance/distraction level inside the room. This might come in handy: Ciseco Pi-Lite: Make a Raspberry Pi trip light fantastic with 126 LEDs

Web stuff

Entropy mitigation
gdutton - archived access to links on teaching materials and public pages (where possible / legal / etc.) in the style of / relying upon
Penetration promulgation
gdutton - a judiciously created PhantomJS script could interpret and reformat the output from our security scan reports into something that can be distributed.

Wanton Destruction

iainr/gdutton - server which dbans every SATA drive plugged in to the front, emailing COs with the serial numbers of wiped drives [side-project: sufficiently visible signage to allow this to be implemented safely]
hardware failure trends
gdutton - do something with the neilb's services unit hardware failure spreadsheet, like correlating against temperature, humidity, manufacturer, age, room...

Display screens

They might be more attractive to use and/or easier to maintain if they ran an OS designed for touchscreen operation, e.g. iOS.
More info
Let's offer more info:
  • a quick summary of the weather
  • recent Informatics news, if there is any (and don't show this if there isn't)
  • What's on in the Forum - info from the Room Booking System, presumably.


Configuration of for DICE web smile

Periodical things

$ Simple interface for scheduled reminders for various units to do things throughout the year. Probably by creating RT tickets. Trivial really; why haven't I done this?
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