We: Neil, Ross, Alastair, Toby - appear to be "group 2".


From our original email suggestions, and following the Operational Meeting of 23/1/2013, we've got a short list of ideas:

  • a system that will allow the one time setup of a Mac to integrate with DICE, eg a command (or something possibly based on IS LCFG for Mac) that sets up things like: kerberos, afs, printing, LDAP - Alastair
  • A local version of http://video.mit.edu , which is a video meta data service, rather than a video hosting service. It would just be a resource to help you find relavent Informatics videos, regardless of where they might actually be hosted. Obviously it would also allow people to add references to their videos - Ross
  • Creation of a one-time-password service. These one time passwords would work at any point you would type in your regular DICE password. - Toby
  • Web interface to TiBs , to allow users to see what's been backed up (and when), possibly also would tell them the command to restore the selected file(s) - Neil

We'll each spend a short while, in the next couple of days, looking at one of the above, and we'll have another brief meeting on Monday 28th Jan, to state our cases for, or against in selecting of that project.

Also talk of setting up a blog for the project.


We've marked Feb 26th and 27th as the days we'll actually do the work, whatever that may be.


Initially discussed the information we want to capture and technology we'll use. Decided just to use Drupal as best we can.

Limit the initial case to purely online (ie has a URL) videos. No slides/pdfs/file system paths

Examples of things we'd want to link to:


  • location of media - URL *
  • title *
  • description *
  • date of recording
  • keywords/tags (M)
  • Channel/category (M)
  • author
  • spotlight
  • series

* = mandatory, (M) = multiple values


Decided on using Video Embed Field as our video container. It will need some modules written for our ed.ac.uk videos. Alastair will look at this. It would be nice if we could wrap raw video files in some player for browsers that don't support a raw video file. Neil will look at this, jwplayer ? Ross and Toby will look at generating the actual content type and now it might be displayed. Drupal Views.

Possibly look at wrapping URLs to raw video files in something that might play, eg jwplayer ?


  • What extra handlers do we need for video sources.
  • Views for different categories, channels
  • Work out how to do more compacted lists of videos.
  • Get some more real data into site


The previous initial ideas have been deleted, but can be seen in Revision 5 of this wiki page.

2nd day things to add/consider

  • Decide on the fixed channels e.g:
    • Lectures
    • Events
    • Forum

Ross' email

I've had a look at what this might involve, and it seems a good choice for a
group project as it would be easy to add or reduce functionality depending
on how we're coping with the workload.

There was a suggestion this could be implemented in Drupal, which sounds
like a good idea, and here's a plugin that would help

"Video Embed field creates a simple field type called Video Embed that
allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo or show their thumbnail
previews simply by entering the video's url."

"This module provides a hook system should you need to add other providers.
See the video_embed_field.api.php file for more information."

So the hook system would need to be edited so it would with these
"providers" in the first instance:

And in the future, Roger's project.

A few tasks we could divvy up:

BASIC FUNCTIONALITY: Layout. User authentication. Modify "Video Embed field" module to handle different sources. Allowing users to add videos. Video harvesting from above sources. Searching and filtering videos.

EXTRAS: Remove dead links. Monitor traffic to site (views, devices etc). Link to social networks. Make content viewable on different devices.

IF WE'VE GOT TIME LEFT: We could allow users to link to different file types, like pictures and audio files-

http://drupal.org/project/emfield http://blip.tv/learnbythedrop/easy-drupal-video-embeds-with-embedded-media-f ield-3240153

"This extensible module will create fields for content types that can be used to display video, image, and audio files from various third party providers. When entering the content, the user will simply paste the URL or embed code from the third party, and the module will automatically determine which content provider is being used. When displaying the content, the proper embedding format will be used."

Twitter have just released something called Vine, that allows people to post 6 seconds of video to twitter. It would be interesting if we could allow people to select 6 seconds of a recording to post. I'd say we'd be unlikely to have time to implement this, but it's an example of the extras you could add to ensure there's enough work for everyone.

And off the top of my head we would need this info when a user posts a video:

URL to the video Title Description tags Message to curators (MIT have this, so it must be useful) Type (Lecture, course intro, event, historical) If it's a lecture, lecture number (e.g 3 of 10) course year


  • Video URL limited to 200 chars

-- NeilBrown - 23 Jan 2013

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