Informatics Forum Server Moves

A page for gathering the various bits of information relating to the relocation of server kit from the old site server rooms.


  • DICEJcmbDecant Move of kit that is staying at JCMB long-term into 2501

Basic instructions for moving servers

These are the basic steps to take when moving a server from BP, FH, KB, etc to Forum Server area:

  • Prior to move add dice/options/dhcp.h and reboot.
  • On the day of the move shutdown machine.
  • Change the wire header to wire-s33.h and update DNS.
  • Move machine, and connect to s33 wire, turn on. Fingers crossed.
  • If all is well, then remove the dhcp,h header.

For multihomed machines on the same wire, you'll probably have problems to do with routing and the machine won't come back on the network. You need to add live/ospf-passive-33.h to the moved profile and try to get that installed on the machine. This will probably involve bringing it up single user with a single interface and getting enough networking going to do an 'om client start'.

Just a thought, perhaps you could remove the extra interfaces etc from the profile before shutting down the machine. Make sure its got that new profile, and the move the machine. Then add the IFs back once happily on the S33 wire.

You may also want to look at Graham's thoughts on the subject:

Possible routing fixes

If you find your machine in the tower and with routing broken, you can try these emergency things to get it talking on the net again. From George in the chat room:

(14:03:04) gdmr: In extremis you can set the routing component's resources in the /LCFG.routing file.  Good lines to try are "LCFG_routing_type=static" ...
(14:03:33) gdmr: ... and "LCFG_routing_static_default=aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd" to force static routing to be used.

-- CraigStrachan - 24 Jul 2008

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